Where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop?

Where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop

With a wide spectrum of benefits and features, affordable pricing, advanced finance tools, and some great updates, QuickBooks has stood out as the favorite of many business owners. However, as there are some enormous features to the software, it can be somewhat confusing for new users and they might have some basic questions. Besides that, they have some buzz over other vital questions raised only by users. Now, when you are confused about an issue such as where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop, you can get the help of the following guide and instantly find the right solutions. Further, we read about finding gear icon in different popular versions of the QuickBooks software, which can be helpful for new and old users alike. However, first, new users must know what gear icons mean in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks users often face various difficulties, and they end up raising Questions such as where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop. It can eventually represent the QuickBooks atmosphere menu. It can help in proceeding and enjoying many duties such as managing an accounts chart, reviewing routine transactions, converting corporate information, or placing services or products. Now after you read the above-stated points, you might have understood the same. 

Find QuickBooks Gear Icon

A common query among new users is where is the gear icon in QuickBooks desktop 2021. While you read the blog, you would also find answers to all such questions. It is possible to find a gear icon on the corporate identity right side. Now the icon is known popularly as the ‘wheel’. Generally, QuickBooks Software streamlined the interface after ensuring two icons + gear.

The users can find the gear icon, at the top right side of the QuickBooks homepage, which is between creating a menu and the helping tab. Gear icons can also include tools, settings, lists, and the company. The user also gets access to QuickBooks features. You can check the blog when you wish to find the QuickBooks gear icon.

Reasons For the Disappearance of Gear Icon in QuickBooks Online

When you wish to know where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and earlier versions, you only need to follow the provided steps. Firstly, click on the Settings gear icon, located at the upper right corner, and it is great for the exporting process. Now generally, many browsers are there that are not compatible, and it is the reason behind the gear icon’s disappearance each time whenever you are trying to click it. You would only have to follow certain steps for finding the reason behind gear icon showing up in QuickBooks.

Finding Gear Icon When It Disappears

Most times when you’re not able to locate gear icon of QuickBooks; what you can do is follow the below-mentioned steps. Most times, gear icon disappears from QuickBooks, but it is possible to find the same when you’re going through the steps. This disappearance is due to certain changes taking place in its features. When you wish to find what is QuickBooks gear icon, you need to just get back and click on the button refresh i.e. F5 when you’re considering refreshing QuickBooks Page.

Now the users are allowed to use icon for accessing the QuickBooks account features like:


It is with the list option. The user can see recurring services, products and transactions


The settings option in QuickBooks can sooner permit users for setting up fields, company information or templates usable in transactions.


Users get the facility of importing lists like charts of accounts or items.


With this feature, you easily manage the QuickBooks Account and the users. After following all the aforementioned steps, you get a total idea of where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop 2017 and also answer many questions such as the location of the QuickBooks Desktop gear icon.

Process To Get Back QuickBooks Gear Icon

When you wish to find where is the gear icon in QuickBooks desktop 2019 or want the same old version after its disappearance, you must follow the below-provided steps:

  • Firstly, you must open QuickBooks Online in incognito window
  • Then, you must apply some vital shortcuts when you wish to open a browser in an incognito Window.
  • When you use Google Chrome, you must type Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • Now, ensure that the gear icon is totally seen.
  • When you cannot see it, then you must also clear all cookies and caches in the browser.

Tips: After you follow and implement all the aforementioned steps, you would be able to locate where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and 2019.

Clear Caches For Fixing The Disappearing Problem Of Gear Icon

For finding what gear icon is in QuickBooks, you can follow the explained steps here. You can check some steps for finding QuickBooks gear icon Online.

  • Firstly, you must open the Google Chrome application in your system.
  • Then, navigate to browser settings
  • After that, click on option More Options
  • Then, hit on ‘clear browsing data
  • Next you will see a box or screen, and you must choose the data after tapping ‘All’ options.
  • Then you must check data that you want to delete
  • After that you can press the option ‘clear data’.

Tips: After you follow the aforementioned steps, it is simple to find ways to know where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop 2020.

Where Can You Generally Find Settings in QuickBooks?

When you are wondering where you can see QuickBooks settings, you can follow the provided steps and can make certain changes. Check a few steps for more knowledge about it and to know where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020.

Firstly, acknowledge that the settings and accounts feature helps in proper business management.

  • You must move to homepage and click on the icon settings
  • After that, choose the option settings and accounts.
  • When you are thinking of changing settings, click on the tab
  • They you should click on the button edit
  • After that, you can select the item that you are thinking of updating.
  • Then choose done, and close the settings

Tips: After following the steps stated above, you can find the settings options in QuickBooks. To get total information, you would have to follow the steps.

Does QuickBooks Desktop Have a Gear Icon?

To find an answer about the Question where is the gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop pro, you must follow the provided steps here. You can find the option settings in QuickBooks, which was later changed with a gear icon in the QuickBooks Desktop. You can find out at QuickBooks Window right corner. It represents settings with provided options so that it is easy to simply customize settings according to your requirements and preferences.

Before knowing where you can find Gear icon in QuickBooks, you must know about its capabilities. Additionally, despite knowing the location, when gear icon misses, you must also know about all-important issue-resolving methods. 

Finding Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop

For QuickBooks Desktop version, whether you are thinking of accessing settings or other lists, accessing Gear icon also forms a basic step. Thus, it can be vital for finding whether you can find the symbol and icon. For the current version, symbol would be available in Company Name. The position or the location can differ while you use other software versions. QuickBooks Desktop 2017 and 2019 Pro users locate the same at top between other two icons.

4.1) Step 1: In the QuickBooks Desktop

Name of company is a vital QuickBooks desktop option. The option is vital for the purpose that relates to the file name. Near this, it is easy to find Gear symbols. Soon after accessing it, it is possible to open settings and begin essential methods.

Further explaining where gear icon is present QuickBooks Desktop, it is possible to go through the steps:

  • Make sure that the “QuickBooks Desktop” runs.
  • Tap the option saying the “Company Name”.
  • Scroll the button next to the “Company Name”. It is possible to identify the same as the QuickBooks Desktop Gear icon.

4.2) Option 2: On the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022/209/2017

Among main year QuickBooks Desktop, it is possible to find Pro 2019, 2017, etc. Specifically to tell where the QuickBooks Desktop icon is in 2017, 2022 or QB Pro 2019. It is possible to find the same at top. The icon is present in either version near help menu. For similar year software versions, in location it is possible to find symbol/icon.

You can run either “2019 QB Desktop Pro” or the “QB Desktop 2017”. Check upper software corner. Some options are present there:

  •  “+” or “Plus”
  •  “Help” or “?” 

Tips: In between the above-provided choices, you will notice a round icon. It also indicates where gear icon is there in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017, 2019, or 2022.

Finding Gear Icon in QuickBooks Online

For various accounting software versions, gear icon is there in various locations. Generally, it is there in upper corner. The Gear icon in QB Online is also there in the told corner. Thus on starting methods, it is possible to tap the icon in seconds.

For further helping with gear button location in QB online, you should read following steps:

  • Start “QuickBooks Online” program.
  • Also, look at the symbol “Create”. You represent the symbol  “+”.
  • On the symbol side, find the option “Help”. The option is available in button form.
  • Make sure to see between the two icons. You see the “Gear”.

As the user hits the icon, the QuickBooks Online settings would also appear. Then it is possible to use Gear for setting up QuickBooks depreciation Online, importing the budget, etc.

Finding Gear Icon in QB 2013/17/18 Pro/20/21/22

Among certain QB versions, you can also get some buttons at positions. Thus, when you need to know about the QuickBooks 2021, 17, 13 Gear icon, and Pro 2018, it is possible to locate the same in some

 locations. Thus, to say it is possible to open the software is a version of any year. Around top and on right, you’ll see Gear icon placed. Otherwise, you must present it between two other icons, namely, Help and Create.

Fixing No Gear Icon in QB Desktop

The default browser for QB Desktop is the Internet Explorer. When the browser has a cache, then the accounts software gets its impact. The buttons like Gear might not be found. After seeing no QuickBooks online gear icon, it is possible to clear the cache.

  • Here is the process to remove QuickBooks Desktop cache for getting back Gear symbol:
  • Run “internet explorer”.
  • You need view “Settings” represented from cog-like icon
  • It is possible to choose “Extras”
  • Then you must opt for the “Internet Options”.
  • You will notice a tab saying “General”.
  • Here, you can locate the option named “Browser History”.
  • Also, press the button mentioning, “Delete”. From here onwards, it is possible to remove the cache.

Why Can’t I See Gear Icon in QB Online?

You may be unable to know where the QuickBooks settings are when it goes missing suddenly. This can happen because of browser issues. Therefore, it is possible to remove the problems for accessing Gear symbols again. For fixing such issues, it is possible to either use browsers in private mode or refresh pages.

8.1) Fix 1: Remove Cache and Browser Problems

It is vital to note that when you are working on the QuickBooks Online version, it is possible to make certain changes. Based on the made changes the options/features of the software are possible to affect including Gear icon. As a consequence, you will not see Gear icon in QuickBooks Online.

For ensuring that you will make modifications without seeing an effect on the software choices, it is best to consider running the program in private internet browsing mode.

  • Firstly, you must open the “QuickBooks Online” program in the browser
  • Then you must check the software top for seeing whether the “Gear” icon is present or not.
  • If you did not find it, close the software and the browser.
  • Again, run the internet browser in private mode.
  • Open “QuickBooks Online” in the same mode.
  • Now you can look for symbol “Gear”.

Hopefully, now you’ll find a symbol. Suppose, if you cannot find the symbol till now, you can continue with the steps provided below:

  • Scroll to the browser settings.
  • Remove cache.
  • In addition, you can fix prospective browser problems in case they’re impacting its working.

Tips: Afterward, it is possible to run accounts software on the browser. The Online QuickBooks Gear icon hopefully is present this time.

Fix 2: Now Refresh QB Online

While you use QB Online, you can face some difficulties such as not knowing where is the gear icon in Quickbooks Pro Desktop 2019 and other versions. Thus, when after this you search for Gear icon, you won’t view the same. A simple method of fixing the situation is refreshing the software. For this purpose, tap the F5 button on the keyboard. You can also press it many times. After refreshing software, Gear icon also comes back.

Putting Things together

The QuickBooks Gear icon is vital for lots of reasons, as they are stated here. For users, they must know its location. Depending on the commonly used versions, the icon’s position was also looked at. Through the information, you believe that you will easily find Gear icon and use all vital methods.

How Can I Clear Caches For Fixing Gear Icon Disappearing Problem?

For finding out the QuickBooks gear icon, you can follow the explained steps in here. Check the steps for finding the QuickBooks gear icon Online.

  • Firstly, you must open Google Chrome in the system.
  • Now you can also navigate to browser settings.
  • After that, click on the options More.
  • In addition, you must hit on the ‘clear browsing data tab’.
  • Next, you’ll see a box on screen, and choose the data after tapping ‘All’ options
  • Then, you can check the data that you wish to delete
  • Then, you are supposed to press the option ‘clear data’

After you follow the aforementioned steps, you can find many ways for fixing the disappearance of the gear icon in QB Desktop.

Where Is The Settings Icon In Quickbooks Desktop?

To find settings you must follow some steps, and you will make the needed changes. Here are the required steps in detail to know about it. Firstly, it is essential to know that the feature accounts and settings help you in proper business management.

  • You can move to the homepage and then click on the settings icon
  • After that, choose the option “Accounts and settings”.
  • If you wish to change settings, you can also click on a tab.
  •  Then click on edit button
  • After, that select an item that you want to update
  • Then choose the option done, and close the settings.

After following the aforementioned stated steps, you will find the exact settings location in QuickBooks desktop. For total information, you must follow the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Gear Icon On Quickbooks Desktop?

For finding answers to the questions like where is QuickBooks gear icon, you can follow the below provided steps. You can find the QuickBooks setting option, which is also replaced with QuickBooks Desktop gear icon. You can find the QuickBooks Window right corner. It represents settings with provided options so you will easily be able to customize the settings according to QuickBooks gear icon.

Where Can You See The Gear Icon In QB Desktop 2023?

The icon is located besides the “Company Name” in accounting software, where it is possible to find the icon.

What The Gear Icon Appears Like In Quickbooks?

In the application, gear icon has an appearance of a Wheel representing app settings. Users can also recognize the icon as the QuickBooks Settings icon found beside the company name on QuickBooks Homepage. The icon is used for making easy and quick fixes to the accounts system. The icon also has companies, list options, and tools.

Why Does Gear Icon Go Away?

A browser with cache is the primary reason for the disappearance of Gear icon. To prevent it, users can access QuickBooks Online through the incognito mode. When it works, return the regular browser and clear cache. It helps in loading QuickBooks quicker and the icon starts being in its place. Other browsers are also usable in QuickBooks Online for avoiding the bugs.

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