How to Resolve Quicken Error Cc-502?

Quicken Error Cc-502

The reliable software Quicken was launched for the seamless management of finances. As the program has abundant functions and algorithms, it can show bugs. Quicken Error Cc-502 is a problematic error that many new as well as old users of the program have faced at some point. The most common occurrence of the error is when you update your bank account in Quicken.

Thus for the blog, further, we discuss the symptoms and causes of the cc 502 Quicken error. Further, we also offer various solutions for instant error fixing and ensure that you’re not going through the same problem. 

Quicken Error cc-502 Main Symptoms

As there are many reasons behind the sudden pop-up of the Quicken Error CC-502 error message, you’ll see a variety of symptoms. However, below are some main cc 502 Quicken error symptoms you must know to get the needed help in quickly fixing the error. 

  • The PC often crashes while you run the same program.
  • Windows is performing sluggishly and the keyboard and mouse aren’t very responsive.
  • From time to time system freezing occurs.

Reasons For Quicken Error CC-502

The error cc-502 is caused due to several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

Having an outdated Quicken version: The issue arises when the bank makes modifications that aren’t in Quicken. Changes in web servers interrupt the update process. Thus, for fixing the Quicken update error cc-502 you must install the latest Quicken software version.

Improper synchronization of account details online: Another reason for the error CC-502 is the out-of-sync account details. For such circumstances, you must refresh details. 

Corrupted Quicken files: The error can also be caused when the folder that stores Quicken data also becomes corrupted.

Bank internet service is under maintenance: At all times, bank online services can undergo maintenance resulting in a cc 502 Quicken error code.

Malicious files: The error can also take place because of the presence of virus-infected files in your system. Thus, the best approach is to keep the system free of any junk. 

Improper Quicken installation: Many instances are there where it won’t be possible to properly install the software or also on incomplete installation.

Ways Of Fixing cc 502 Quicken Error Code On Updating Accounts

In total there are four reliable methods to fix Quicken update error cc-502 on the updating accounts. Each solution is described in a step-by-step procedure. 

Solution 1: Updating Quicken

  • The first step is opening the Quicken program.
  • Now, you must visit the Help and then click on the option Check for Updates.
  • On seeing new updates, click on Yes.
  • After following this step, follow the on-screen instructions for finishing the update process.

Solution 2: Refresh Details Of Online Banking

The below-mentioned steps are simple for refreshing banking details. 

  • Visit the account bar and also find accounts that face Quicken error code cc 502.
  • Click on the right side gear icon or it is possible to press the CTRL + Shift + N.
  • Post this step, and click the button Update Now.

Solution 3: Deactivate Account After Validating Quicken Files

The first step is navigating to tools and then choosing the Account List. 

  • From the account list, click the option Edit for an account that has “Quicken Error cc-502”.
  • Now, click on the section Online Services and also click Deactivate option.
  • After that click the button Yes for confirmation.
  • Finally, click the button OK and then move to Done.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for ensuring that the Quicken file isn’t damaged.

  • Visit the File and choose File Operations, and click the option Validate and Repair.
  • Check the option with Validate File and also click the button OK.
  • Click the Save option when you see the window save transaction.
  • After finishing it you’ll notice the DATA_LOG. It shows whether damaged Quicken files are present or not.
  • Later, close the notepad DATA_LOG.

Follow the provided steps below for reactivating Quicken account:

  • For this purpose navigate to the section Tools and choose the Account List. 
  • Click the Edit option and select Online Services.
  • Also, choose the option Set up Now.
  • Also, enter the Username and Password.
  • Right after this step, you would have to enter the Quicken ID and Password or the Vault Password.
  • Click on the option Connect.
  • Ensure that you’ve linked all the vital Quicken account information.

Solution 4: Create New Test File in Quicken

For this method, the first step would be choosing a new Quicken File after selecting the File. 

  • Use a name for saving the Test file.
  • Later click on the Add Account option.
  • Choose Account Type and also enter Username and Password
  • It also adds an account with the Test File. Then Click the Finish option.
  • Click Account from the Account bar.
  • It also shows any upcoming transactions
  • Click the option Accept All for registering them.
  • After this step, update the account in Test File.
  • After following all of the above steps, click the option Done.
  • Later, scroll to the option Tools and also select the option Add Account.
  • Choose the account type with the financial institution.
  • Later enter your username and password. Click the button sign in then click the option connect.
  • Click the option Link – to the current Quicken Account and choose the account that faces Quicken error code cc 502. 
  • Then, click the option Next and then Finish the process. 
  • After finishing the process, click the icon One Step Update.
  • Checkmark the account that faces a problem and also enter a password.
  • Also, click the option Update Now.
  • Click the Close option on completion of the One Step Update. 


All methods mentioned in the article are helpful in efficient and smooth problem resolution when you face any issue while you fix the Quicken error cc-502. While these are the best methods for error resolution, there are no guarantees to complete resolution of the problem-causing agent. Under such circumstances where the error message pops up, the best thing to do would be to reach Quickbooks experts via chat or email with their 24×7 availability for guidance on fixing complex errors like the. 

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