How To Change QuickBooks Company File Location?

How To Change QuickBooks Company File Location

Under a number of circumstances, QB users would require urgently open the company files due to a few issues or for other work-associated purposes. He/she would think of it as hectic to move across different folders on the system and ultimately reach the. QBW file. Thus, users are allowed to relocate the file to other system addresses that are easy to find, ensuring more time in hand. Thus, it’s best for users to be aware of the process to change QuickBooks file location. To change Quickbooks default company file location, users need to access the Windows C:\drive. Thus, all files would be storable and shifting is possible after performing many simple processes. Thus, it is possible to move the same within Intuit software after you use and Ctrl keys. You can transform a QBDT or data file after transferring the same to another location from copy Paste methods.

What Is The Process To Change Company File Location?

Changing or relocating a company file is necessary for some files to make them easily accessible. All changes are carried forward through C:\ drive on your system. Changing locations within accounts software is also possible. Moreover, the path directory is vital to edit for moving files anywhere else on the system.

You must go through provided methods to knowing how to Change the QuickBooks company file location. 

Method 1: From C:\ Drive

After going through the C:\ drive on the Windows system, users will come across many options for changing company file locations. They must press the start tab. Then in the search area they must type Control Panel. Opt for it after you see the panel on the screen. Also, push the Personalization and appearance button. Post that, select the option Folder Options. 

With the remaining steps you’ll know the process to how to change location of quickbooks company file:

  • Visit “Start”.
  • For the search box, type “Control Panel”. Click the button after seeing the name.
  • Select the tab “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Tap “Folder Options”.
  • Choose the “View” button.
  • Click on “Show hidden Files, folders, and drives”.
  • Click the “OK” button to look at the hidden files.
  • Then again you must move to the tab “Start”.
  • Click the “My Computer” option.
  • Press “C:\ Drive”.
  • Click on “Users”.
  • Pick the option “Public”.
  • Search for “Documents”.
  • Visit the button “Intuit”.
  • There you would need to select the folder “Company Files”.
  • Find and click on a file with “.qbw” at the extension end.
  • Enter the “Directory Path”
  • Then open “Control Panel”.
  • The “Appearance and Personalization” Tab must be selected one more time.
  • Opt for “Folder options”.
  • Select “View” the step.
  • Go for “Do Not Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”.
  • Select, and hit “Ok”.

After pressing the button, verify changes which has been made. Then visit new locations for opening the QB data/company file.

Moving QuickBooks Company Files To Another System

Note: When you’re moving the company files to another system, it doesn’t affect product license. 

  • Before beginning, ensure that you’ve installed the QuickBooks Desktop on your new system.
  • You must follow the steps for making a company file backup on the original system.
  • On saving a backup file, you must provide it with an easy-to-identify unique name. It is great for the prevention of accidental overwrites.
  • Save backup file making it easy to find the same, such as Windows Desktop.
  • Now move backup file to the new system. Or else users can share it when the new system is on same network.

Users must follow the above-mentioned steps for restoring a backup on the new system to change Quickbooks company file location. Remember it must have a simple file name.

When using payroll, you must download the updated tax table right after moving the file. 

Changing Company File Location On the Same System

When you only have to change Quickbooks default company file location to another folder within the same system. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for making a backup of the company file. 

  • On saving backup, provide it with a unique name that is simple to identify. It is also helpful for the prevention of any accidental overwrites.
  • You must save the backup somewhere else to search for it easily, such as the Windows desktop. 

Note: When the company file gets hosted on the network, you must save the backup on the system’s local hard drive. Don’t save the same on the network.

Follow the steps for restoring backup of the new location or folder. The filename must be unique. 

After restoring the backup, users can use the same in their main company file. It is also suggested to rename the original company file. They must add the word “old” to the filename to know they’re not using the same anymore.

Alternative: Move The Entire QuickBooks Data Folder

As an alternative, when you don’t wish to make a backup company file, it is possible to move the Quickbooks folder. 

  • Open QuickBooks with a company file for moving.
  • Press F2 (or Ctrl + 1) for opening Product Info window.
  • Look the section file information. It tells you the location of saving company file on the hard drive.
  • Opening Windows Start menu and also open File Explorer. 
  • Find folder with company file.
  • Also right click folder and choose the copy.
  • Open external device you’re using for moving files, or opening new location on hard drive and choose Paste.

Note: Now you’ve got a copy of the whole folder. This lets you change its location on the hard drive. Then users must open QuickBooks and choose the option Open or Restore a current company. Browse the system for the copied folder and then open the company file that you copied.

Method 4: Using Intuit Data Protect For Restoring

Note: The Intuit Data Protect Plan (for one or multiple systems), might not include backup of non-QuickBooks files. You should visit the Intuit App Center for any info about the Intuit Data Protect subscriptions. 

  • Follow the steps for creating backup of the system files on the original system.
  • Signing in on the Intuit Data Protect on the new system.
  • Follow the below-mentioned steps for restoring backup files through Intuit Data Protect.

You can change default location for quickbooks company file and restore the following files:

Files within the QB data folder:

  • (.tlg) Transaction log files
  • Image files and logos
  • (.nd) Network data 
  • (.cfp) Cash Flow Projector 
  • (.lmr) Files or Loan Manager format
  • (.bpw) Business Planner format files (QuickBooks Enterprise and Desktop Premier)

Files (add-ons) on other locations:

  • QuickBooks templates and letters
  • Spell checker
  • Fixed Asset Manager
  • Printer Settings (The files are recreated on QuickBooks)
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer (Premier Accountant and Enterprise only)

Solution 3: Editing Default Location

To change the QuickBooks company file location, users can edit the path directory. They can press the Start Menu button and move to the Control Panel. Then Tap on the option Appearance and Personalization and click the tab Folder Options. After that visit the View button and then click on Advanced Settings. Now, opt for showing Hidden Files, Drives, and Folders. 

  • Begin the option “Start” on the system.
  • Then view “Control Panel”.
  • Push the tab “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Now users must scroll to the tab “Folder Options”.
  • Press the option “view”.
  • Visit “Advanced Settings”.
  • Click the option “Show Hidden Files, Drives, and Folders”.
  • Tap the “OK” button for viewing hidden files. 
  • Head to the “Start” button.
  • In searching space, fill “.qbw”. 
  • At the outcomes page, select files with the extension. 
  • Users get a tab to edit the file’s directory path. Thus, you can change things according to your preferences. 
  • Visit the option “Control Panel”.
  • Then choose the option “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • From the “View”, open the “Advanced Settings” options.
  • Next, remove the mark from “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”. 
  • Choose the option “OK”.

Confirm that the company file location is shifted. After you confirm, you can simply open the QuickBooks file through new location.

Solution 4: Copy Pasting File To Another Location

The simplest method of changing file Quickbooks change company file location in Quickbooks is copy-pasting it to a folder depending on your needs. You can visit the data file address and then right click on the same. Then press copy option. Next, you must proceed to location for shifting the file. You need to click the Right-click here option and Choose Paste.

  • Here you must locate the “QB Company File”. Right click after finding it.
  • Tap on the option “Copy”.
  • Then, navigate to the desired system location. Paste it there.
  • Open the application “QuickBooks”.
  • Select the option “Open or Restore and Existing Company”.
  • Then Press the option “Open a Company File”.
  • Push the tab “Next”.
  • Search for the file in the appearing window.

Note: The select file icon should be of green color. Also, see whether the file has .qbw extension in end.

  • You must highlight the opted file.
  • Choose the “Open” option.

After going through all of the above steps to change the QuickBooks company file location, you must confirm the success of the process to change Quickbooks pos changing the default location of the company file. After opening the file, you can confirm whether you’ve successfully moved the location. 

Moving QB Desktop To Another Location

Because of certain instances, users might want to relocate the QBDT company files. The desktop file can be transferred from Copy/Paste buttons. Users can know how to backup quickbooks online files. They must right-click on the same. Then they must click on the Copy button for changing QuickBooks Desktop file location. Visit the desktop of the folder screen for shifting it. Right-click again for the moving file.

  • Visit the QuickBooks Desktop current location. Then right-click.
  • Then click on the option “Copy”.
  • Now move to another folder “Desktop” and again right-click.
  • Select the option “Paste”.
  • You’ll see the file being shifted to a new location.
  • Then, open the accounts software Quickbooks.
  • Choose the option “Open and Restore an Existing Company”.
  • Then Press the option “Open a Company File”.
  • For the current step, click on the “Next” option.
  • After you’re at this page, look for the location where you pasted the file.
  • After finding it, you must highlight the file.
  • Further click on the tab “Open”.

Final Summary

Users can move how to backup quickbooks online files to new locations to ensure the search process is as simple as possible. According to many Quickbooks users, the above-said methods have worked well for transferring the accounts software file. Now you might also be familiar with the steps for shifting a QBDT file. You can try all these processes and also change Quickbooks company file location in a significantly lesser time period. In case all the above-stated methods don’t work or you’ve got any other query to resolve then you must contact Quickbooks experts online to help you with the process.

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