How To Know QuickBooks Company File Location on Desktop, POS, & Other versions?

QuickBooks Company File Location

There can be many instances where Quickbooks company file location or the. QBW needs to be searched. They can face a situation/problem where they can share files among other users for discussions. Due to these reasons, it becomes important for the users to know about file data with the process. Software users must have various files like the default, backup, ECML, or a 2014 or 2017 year file version. All locations of the . QBW file format might vary. It is possible to find the same in many ways. Search methods such as checking C:\ Drive on Windows or launching the automatic search option can be handy. We look at each of these methods with other important methods to discuss. 

Finding the Location of QB Company File

Users can find Quickbooks company file location from the backup file. In this way, you can know about the location of the QuickBooks data file. With the manual process you can also locate files on the system through File explorer. Also, it is possible to find the default Quickbooks company file location after opening C: Drive. A QuickBooks search also helps in finding the path of a QBW company file

Tips: The main methods are mentioned below for finding QuickBooks company file location:

Automatically Locating Company Files

With QuickBooks software locating backup or working files is simple. You only have to choose the option company file on the window No Company Open. Users see the window while starting QuickBooks or while they’re closing the company file. 

With the window “Find a Company File” you automatically scan for the below-mentioned file extensions:

  1. .QBW, the QuickBooks backup file.
  2. .QBB, the QuickBooks working file.

It is also possible to choose the side menu and also rescan for removable media like the network or USB flash drive to know the default Quickbooks company file location.

Method 1: After Manually Using File Explorer

The commonly used browsers are Windows Explorer and File. Besides browsing, users can find the existing file system through it. A manual process is performed through File Explorer for locating the default QuickBooks stored file. You must tap the Windows Start button. For the search area, you can try the name of the browser. For finding default QuickBooks data file location, you must open the search tab. 

  • Choose the “Windows Start” tab.
  • Now visit the browser.
  • Click on the option “My Computer”
  • Ensure you’re adding an asterisk before the extension (*QBW) in the field for searching.
  • With the search, you see various files. Users must go through their names and also pick the ones they must search for.

Method 2: Finding Location From Backup File

For finding QuickBooks file location users can move from the backup file. On the system, users can search for the Files option or Search Program. After getting it, on the search field, you must type the command *.qbb for QuickBooks. On completing the search, the file’s location with other information is presented on the screen. 

  • Enter the Search Programs in the system with the dialogue box Files.
  • Look for the phrase *.QBB for QuickBooks.
  • Make note of a few things after finishing the search
  • The file size
  • File location 
  • Column date last modified
  • You must note the location and other information for future usage. 

Note: Users can use the aforementioned steps to know how to find Quickbooks company file location also on QuickBooks Enterprise Suite. 

Method 3: After You Run C:\Drive

On Windows, the C:\ drive has the location of all vital files. After running through the drive users simply find Quickbooks company file location. Users must press start tab seen on their screen. Then they must click on Control Panel. Select the Personalization and appearance button and scroll towards Folder Options. Next, they must click on View tab.

Let’s know the left out steps to learn on finding the location of the Quickbooks file:

  • Push the “Windows” key or tap the “Start” button.
  • Now press the “Control Panel” button.
  • Click the option “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Now click on “Folder Options”.
  • Then visit the option “View”.
  • After “Advanced Settings”, click on the option “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”.
  • Click the “OK” button to view hidden files.
  • Now click the button “Start.
  • Then the “system” button must be chosen.
  • The sign “C:\” should also be selected.
  • Here, you should double-click on the “Company Files” folder.
  • Search for file with the “.QBW” extension.
  • After finding, right-click it for further finding QuickBooks .QBW location.
  • From the sub-menu, you can also pick an option.
  • Now, also press the option “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”.
  • Now steps mentioned from 1 to 7 must be repeated. 
  • Later you must tap on the button “OK” to accept changes.

Method 4: QuickBooks Search

The location of QuickBooks file should searched well in the accounts software folder. You must click Start button and also head on the Programs. You must double click QB folder. Press keys Ctrl and 1 at once. This opens up the Product page information. Later, you must search file information for seeing its location. 

  • Press “Start” button on the computer home screen.
  • Visit option “All Programs”.
  • Next, click on the “QuickBooks” folder twice.
  • Tap twice on company file names on QB window.
  • Hold “Ctrl” button and “1” together.
  • You’ll see the page “Product Information”. Here, you can get “File Information”.
  • The button also displays “.QBW” file. You can use the same.
  • Note the location.
  • Also exit folders and visit locations directly. 

Method 5: With Windows Search

Sometimes, you can use the Windows Search feature which is handy to find Quickbooks company file location on Windows 10 and previous versions. The feature locates files, documents or folders or any type on the PC. It is handy when you need to find default Intuit Quickbooks .QBW files. Check Start Menu, select it and get towards the Control Panel. Then click on Personalization and Appearance options. Now, you must push Folder Options to find the default location of data files in QuickBooks. 

  • Choose “Start” and scroll to the option “Control Panel”.
  • Then press the option “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Next, visit the menu “Folder Options”.
  • Also push the tab “View”.
  • The “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Drives and Folders” must be clicked.
  • Then you can look at hidden files within the system after pressing the “Ok” button. 
  • Now tap the button “Start”
  • Reach “Search Program and Files” box.
  • For this step, users must type “.QBW”.
  • After displaying the outcomes of search, the “.QBW” files are right-clicked. 
  • Also, you can choose from the sub-menu whenever you want to. 
  • Now tap on the button “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”.
  • Next, repeat steps from 2 to 8.
  • For accepting changes, push the button “Ok”.

After accepting the same, QuickBooks company file location is also seen on the screen.

Note: You might use the software’s particular year version. These can include versions from 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2017 QB versions. After using the aforementioned methods, you can also find the Quickbooks company file location on Windows 10 and previous versions. 

Location of QB Desktop Company Files

It is possible to look for the QuickBooks Desktop file location after using some defined keys. It is suggested to use keys like F2, Ctrl, F1 on certain sequences. You can carry the process after using Reports button in the accounts software.

Method 1: Through F2 Button/Product Information Page

Some keypad shortcuts are used for executing certain actions including finding the company file location for QuickBooks Desktop. The shortcut keys for this action are Ctrl and F2 which are used while you run the software. Suppose, when the combination doesn’t work for the intended purpose, users can press the 1 key or F1.

  • Open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Then tap on “F2” or the “Ctrl” key + “2” key.
  • The page “Product Info” pops up on the screen. Here it is possible to see “No Company Open Listing” where the file location is stated. 
  • It is also possible to press the “F1” key or the “Ctrl” + “1” key to open a help page. 

Method 2: Through The Feature Search Programs and Files 

Users can access the QuickBooks data file location after using the feature Search Programs and Files. It is generally present on Windows. You would have to write the command .qbb for QuickBooks. After entering, the feature starts looking for data files. Right after picking up one, it is possible to verify whether the selected file is right or not. 

  • Move to the “Search Programs and Files” field.
  • Here you can type the option “*.qbb for QuickBooks”.
  • Now, you must search.
  • After displaying the search, the size, date and file location and its modification are noted somewhere. 
  • Close the application “QBDT”.
  • Double-click on the file name.
  • For verification, you selected the right file, and open the “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now click on the option “Reports”.
  • Tap on the option “Custom Reports”.
  • Head to the “Transaction Detail”.
  • When you don’t correctly open the file, properly close and also open it.

Note: It is also possible to apply the method of finding company files for QuickBooks Enterprise Suite. 

Finding QuickBooks Company File on Mac

On Mac QuickBooks company files are stored on user/Documents (aren’t stored on user/Documents/Quickbooks). For finding the file and the backup file, you can search the whole filename. 

For ensuring you’ve got a backup of the missing company files for Quickbooks Desktop Mac 2019 you can restore the recent company backup. The below-mentioned steps explain the process in detail:

  • Scroll to the File menu, and click Restore Company.
  • Choose the option Restore Backup File, and click on Next.
  • Click on Local backup.
  • Choose company file and click on the Next option.
  • Select location where you can save file restore.
  • Click on Save.

If you weren’t able to find Quickbooks company file location on Mac after following all of the aforementioned information, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the File menu.
  • Click the Window File Finder
  • Now Click the option Documents on the page All My Files.
  • On the documents page search for the file or search for the company name on the field search. 

Further, you can seek assistance from experts to find Quickbooks company file location on Mac. They offer remote access help to locate and change Quickbooks company file location when everything else fails to work. 

Final Verdict

Depending on individual needs, users can consider quickly reaching Quickbooks company file location through the above-mentioned methods. The piece of information provided above states the location of QuickBooks company files and how to know it. It can be quite normal for new QuickBooks users to face confusion while understanding the aforementioned steps and in such cases, they must get in touch with the Technical Support team of QuickBooks by reaching them on the phone, chat, or email. QuickBooks professionals have specialized professionals in their field. They have trained professionals for proper guidance on error resolution. If everything else fails, they would take responsibility for fixing the problem.

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