Fix Quicken Error CC 501 While You Update Bank Account

quicken error cc-501

Everyone who has used complex accounts software such as Quicken knows that some errors are evident. Thus, the best approach they should follow is using the most appropriate methods to fix them.  An error you might come across is the Quicken error cc-501 and the common cause behind it is the account update while you are using online services of the software. It is also possible while downloading new transactions in the Quicken program from banks. Thus, with Quicken you fail to connect with the bank to get any information related to the transaction. Bank service might stop the software for updating the bank transaction.

It can also be due to set up or while updating the Mobile Sync from activated Direct connect accounts which causes Quicken error CC-501. Here you shouldn’t panic, if you’ve ended up with any such problem, there are ways to fix the same. Prior to it, you must have an idea about all possible causes in the further section.

What You Must Do Before You Stop The Quicken Error Message cc 501

A few factors to take into account before you start to resolve the Quicken error cc-501. The following are the most vital factors to make the troubleshooting process easier:

  1. There you make a Backup of Quicken data: Prior to following troubleshooting steps, it is suggested to make backup of the Quicken file. This ensures data safety in case you face any fallback while you’re in the process. Thus, users can restore when they need it. Follow the steps provided below for making a Quicken data backup.
  • First, open Quicken and visit the Backup menu.
  • Now from there on, click the option Restore after Backup Quicken File.
  • Finally, click on the option Backup Now.

Avoid entering transactions automatically in the register: After doing it, you don’t make any transaction copies in an account register. Users must follow the steps for ensuring that transactions don’t automatically get entered in the register:

  • Open the option Quicken.
  • Now, scroll the menu option Edit and click the option Preferences.
  • On drop-down menu choose the option Download Transactions.
  • Ensure that you have unmarked the checkbox automatically add to banking register.
  • Finally, click on the option OK.

Troubleshoot Ways To Resolve Quicken Error cc-501

Troubleshooting is possible in two instances:

1. While you’re downloading new transactions for Quicken software.

2. While you’re setting up or updating the Mobile Sync through activated Direct Connect.

Efficient methods for troubleshooting in both conditions are listed below:

Case 1: When You Download New Transactions

When you get Quicken cc 501 error while updating bank transactions or downloading new transactions with the capital on First financial bank, Citi bank, or other US banks. For any such scenario, you can have many possible causes for the occurrence of Quicken Error Code. You must try the below-mentioned things before beginning the troubleshooting process.

Note: While you get error on adding a new account in Quicken, ensure you’re waiting for a minimum of 24 hours before checking in case the problem occurs from the side of the bank, and you must contact your bank after it.

Solution 1: Try Updating the Account Where You Saw Quicken Error cc-501

The first thing you can do is open the accounts software Quicken and visit all accounts with the problem.

  • Then, refresh the bank account settings. Click the account name facing the Quicken error cc-501.
  • Later, click Gear icon (icon with the downwards arrow).
  • Click on the option Update or press the keys Ctrl + Alt + U for refreshing account settings.
  • Now enter Quicken credentials while prompted for the same. It opens in a new window with a one-step settings update. From there on you would also have to click the option Update Now.
  • You will see a prompt asking you to change the Quicken credentials. Now click the option OK after you’re done.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen and then the account starts updating.
  • Repeat the same update process in case of all accounts with the problem.

When the aforementioned solution doesn’t work for fixing the Quicken error cc-501, you can immediately go on to another one.

Solution 2: Deactivate and again reactivate the Account of Bank Account That Caused The Error

Sometimes, only after reactivating and deactivating the Quicken bank account can fix Quicken cc 501 error code as it is caused by bad configuration.

Deactivate Account

  • Open the account Quicken and visit the Tools menu. Click the option, Account List.
  • From the accounts list also edit the account that incurs Quicken error cc-501.
  • Visit the tab Online Services and choose the options Deactivate.
  • Later, click on the button Yes, for confirmation of the action.
  • After deactivating, the option Set Up Now would be seen under the Online Setup tab.
  • Finally, click on the option OK, followed by Done.
  • Note: Follow the steps for checking the Quicken file status.
  • Visit the File menu and click File operation and then click on Validate and Repair.
  • Check the status after clicking the option Validate file and then click OK.
  • Quicken starts validating the file.
  • After doing it, you must close the DATA_LOG file notepad.

Note: When you’re getting error in the DATA_LOG file, instantly contact support team for fixing it.

Account Reactivation

  • Navigate Tools and also click on the option Add Account.
  • Then, choose the account type like Savings, Checking, etc.
  • Click the Advanced Setup option. Now type name the bank name. Click the Next option.
  • Further, you’ll need to choose the connection method and click Next.
  • After being prompted, enter banking credentials, and click on the option Connect.
  • Quicken searches the account with the bank and displays the accounts list, then users can again reactivate their account.
  • Rather than again adding accounts, the link for updates.
  • Finally, click on the option Finish.

Note: After following the aforementioned steps, you can fix Quicken error cc-501 in around 24 to 48 hours timeline.

Solution 3: Account Status Update

  • Scroll to the option Tools and click on the Online Center.
  • There you see offending transactions listed under the transactions list.
  • Now Search for the listed transaction, Then remove it.
  • Further, update the account online and again reconcile the same. Later, search whether the flag can be seen.

Note: When it is not there, it can signify that all account errors have been removed.

Solution 4: Reinstalling Quicken

Reinstallation lessens the chances to get the Quicken error cc-501 as you start with fresh data. You can follow the provided steps for reinstallation:

  • Simultaneously also press the Windows keys for opening Run Window. Also, type the “appwiz.cpl” in text space and you must press key Enter.
  • It opens a Quicken entry, right-click the same and choose the options Uninstall. Ensure you’ve removed all temporary files.
  • Then, you can download and then install Quicken.
  • Finally, enter the account details. Later look for any changes in error status.

Solution 5: Manually Fixing Quicken Error cc-501

To proceed with this step, check a certain account when you’ve got any pending transactions to be accepted by the register. When they’re present, you can download such bank transactions in the register and follow the single-step process for updates.

Case 2: Updating or Setting Up Phone Sync With Activated Direct Connect

Many Quicken users commonly face the error and generally, under the following two conditions, users see the error prompts.

Condition 1: Error 501 Caused Because of Timed Out Connection

At times,  on finishing the Mobile Sync setup, you can face a timed-out connection. Thus, it won’t be possible to finish the connection. For that reason, it is possible to reach out to Internet Service (ISP) or follow the below steps for resolution:

  • It is possible to connect at many day hours for avoiding peak traffic times.
  • Ensure that you are not connecting or updating other applications as it affects your connection speed.
  • The ISP and the firewall speed are not blocking QW.exe from internet access.
  • While encountering the error the first time while setting up Mobile Sync, then it would be recommended for you to add one at a time.

Note: The account should have the minimum transaction number.

Quicken Mobile Sync can send only 365 days of data or credit card accounts or banking. Therefore when you’re adding a single account, then choose an account with transactions posted within that certain date range.

When you add the bank account with the least amount of transactions you lessen time chances by transferring less initial sync data. After first successful sync, users can also add other accounts. For that reason, they must visit the tab Mobile and Alerts and choose the option Edit Accounts.

Condition 2: Bank Enrollment is Required For Resolve Quicken 501 error

Many banks need enrollment for identifying compatible applications for linking with servers. Visit the banking website and you should check whether it has a section for self-service. It lets you register to allow you to access accounts of servers.


The Quicken cc 501 error shows up when the Quicken accounts software does not link to the bank for receiving the transaction-related information. The causing factor can also be something from the bank’s end blocking Quicken’s ability to link. For a few cases, Quicken support can be required for issue escalation. For any queries and Quicken error code fixing, users can call Quicken expert technicians to get the right assistance.

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