Does BambooHR Integrate With Quickbooks Desktop

does bamboohr integrate with quickbooks desktop

Does BambooHR Integrate With Quickbooks Desktop? Yes! In this segment, Quickbooks users and BambooHR users will gain perspective of the advantages of integrating data between the two platforms. By integrating BambooHR and Quickbooks, managing employee data has become an easier and smoother process for businesses, indirectly having a positive impact on operations.

What is integration?

Two words – Sync and Combine! Simple synonyms that help understand the absolute meaning of “Integration”; when put into context of “BambooHR integrate with Quickbooks” it plainly means the symbiosis of two data fields to increase efficiency of employee management and executing necessary functions.

What does integration of Quickbooks BambooHR data mean?

The data entered in Quickbooks will be shared and synced with the data on BambooHR and vice versa; end to the method of separate entries for both platforms. Separate entries will become an obsolete past; employee data management will be enhanced with much improvements.

What to expect on integration Quickbook and BambooHR

Automated invoice solutionsAutomating several HR functions
Faster processing of payments and similar functionsImproved management of Employee requests

Quickbooks BambooHR Integration Enhanced functions:

Create invoice in Quickbooks OnlineCreate customer in Quickbooks Online
Update customer in Quickbooks OnlineSearch customer by name in Quickbooks Online
Get estimate pdf by ID in Quickbooks OnlineCreate sales receipt in Quickbooks Online
Send sales receipt in Quickbooks OnlineCreate estimate in Quickbooks Online
Find estimate in Quickbooks OnlineSearch customer by email in Quickbooks Online
Get invoice by ID in Quickbooks OnlineGet invoice pdf in Quickbooks Online
Create credit memo in Quickbooks OnlineSearch class by name in Quickbooks Online
Search payment method by name in Quickbooks OnlineSearch term by name in Quickbooks Online
Search active tax code by name in Quickbooks OnlineCreate time activity in Quickbooks Online
Create purchase order in Quickbooks OnlineCreate bill in Quickbooks Online
Search item in Quickbooks OnlineCreate product/service in Quickbooks Online
Create payment in Quickbooks OnlineCreate expense in Quickbooks Online
Search vendor in Quickbooks OnlineCreate vendor in Quickbooks Online
Get customer by ID in Quickbooks OnlineGet tax rate by id in Quickbooks Online
Find account by name in Quickbooks OnlineCreate refund receipt in Quickbooks Online
Create invoice Copy in Quickbooks OnlineCreate Employee in BambooHR
Update employee in BambooHRRespond to time off request in BambooHR


The information shared in this segment provides a summarized overview of the advantages and improved functions that would become available and also helps readers understand the purpose of integration of BambooHR and Quickbook.

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