How to Fix QuickBooks Error 100 in Desktop?

QuickBooks Error 100

The Quickbooks error 100 or the Point of sale error is among the commonly faced errors by QuickBooks users. People generally encounter such errors because of inaccessible or corrupt POS files. The accounts soft Quickbooks gets used to effect various accounts errors However when the program is itself facing such errors. The POS is available with the Quickbooks software package. Thus, encryption is done to ensure the safety of customer data in the QB software.

As there are many causes for such errors, it is vital for the users to take note of the main ones. Further in the article, you’ll go through a compiled list of all possible QuickBooks error causes, followed by ways where it is possible to get a permanent fix that ensures convenient use of the QuickBooks software.

Meaning Of The Quickbooks Error 100 

While you face this error on your system, you’ll see an error message stating  “error 100 database server not found”08w01″.

The QuickBooks Point of sale service lets users store all essential sale data of services and goods. The Quickbooks error 100 is classified under Quickbooks technical errors which restrict users from availing all the features related to sales of certain services and goods. Further, we discuss the reasons for this error code 100 message showing up and the best fixing methods to instantly resolve it. 

Reasons For Displaying Error Code 100

Although a lot of reasons are there why the Quickbooks desktop shows the error, there are many main reasons for the same. Any of the below-stated factors can be responsible for why the QuickBooks POS doesn’t work and displays the QuickBooks error code 100:

  • The primary reason for such an error message showing on the desktop is a technical or internal problem on the data management server of the POS.
  • Any basic requirement of the QB POS program doesn’t comply with the PC configuration.
  • Improper installation of the Microsoft.Net framework on the PC and inaccessibility can cause Quickbooks pos error code 100.
  • You’ll see the error message when the device and desktop configurations are not letting the POS program operate efficiently.

After ensuring that the below-mentioned basic configuration requirements are properly met, the POS services would work efficiently.

Make sure the following processor requirements are met for the POS service:

  • Processor requirement for single users: 2Hz minimum processor. However, experts suggest having 2.8 Ghz.
  • Processor requirement for multiple users: The minimum requirement is 2.8 GHz. However, the recommended requirement by users is a 3.5 Ghz processor.
  • Disk Space: At least 1 GB of free disk space is needed. It doesn’t include the space required for storing data files of the company.
  • RAM: You’ll need at least 4GB of data for ensuring the proper working of the program. However, 8GB would be the required space for smooth performance.
  • Screen resolution: A minimum of 1280 x 768 screen resolution is needed.
  • Internet connection: Users would need an uninterrupted and stable internet connection.

Also, make sure to use the latest version of the Quickbooks software as it ensures that the chances of Quickbooks pos error 100 are at a bare minimum.

Thus, when there is a mismatch between the current configuration and the basic requirements, then you’ll see the error message. Such reasons result in Quickbooks error when contacting server 100 in the QuickBooks program. However, after determining the main cause, you can start with the below-mentioned steps for the resolution of the problem.

Resolving The Error 100 in Quickbooks Software

Users get many ways of fixing the QuickBooks error code 100 in Quickbooks application. As the error mainly occurs because of network issues, you need to fix any connection problems in the first place. However, you can also update QuickBooks. The error might persist at times.

For changing the error status, you can change the basic internet settings. Sometimes no opening company files, it can be corrupted or damaged. Further, let’s discuss the many solutions for resolving the error.

Solution 1: Restart Database Manager in Quickbooks Point of Sale

  • Click on the OK button when you see the dialogue box showing the error.
  • Restart the system
  • Now open the application Point of Sales
  • Even then if you see the continuation in error there are other processes for many Windows OS versions.
  • For Windows XP: You need to click on start and then click on run
  • For Windows 7: Head to the start tab > All programs > Accessories > Run
  • Now in the empty space type services.MSC > Ok
  • Click on the QBPOS Database Manager vXX. Then go to start (The currently used QBPOS version is XXXX)
  • Restart if the start is not accessible.

Solution 2: Updating POS Updates

Ensure you’ve installed all the updates for QuickBooks Desktop POS. For manual installation of the updates you must follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open software
  • Click the page for Product update
  • After that, for product select the Point of Sales
  • Now follow the guided path for finishing the manual process for update.
  • Later restart the system.
  • Then rename the Intuit Entitlement Client Folder.

Solution 3: Re-installing .NET framework

When you’ve uninstalled POS program and are still facing the Quickbooks Point Of Sale Server Error 100, then you must uninstall .NET framework. Thus, you need to reinstall both components. Try the steps for uninstalling .NET framework.

  • Visit Windows search bar > Control Panel
  • In panel > Uninstall a program
  • Now on Search you’ll get the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5.
  • Click and hold the mouse right-click and then uninstall it.
  • Later follow the instructions you see on screen.

Post this step, you removed the program from the system. Then you’ll have to install the .NET framework from Microsoft store (in the 4.0 client and extended). This step can instantly fix the QuickBooks POS error code 100 without causing the error message to show up. 

Solution 4: Make a Windows User Account

For this purpose users must make a new user account while ensuring they get the administrator rights. After following the steps below you’ll know how to do it:

  • Go to Windows, then heat to Start, in there move to User Account on the Search bar, then go to Manage User accounts and click on Manage another account.
  • There click the button Create a new account.
  • Rename the account after that.
  • As User Types you need to go to administrator
  • Finally, you can log off Windows account.

Solution 5: Uninstall The QuickBooks Desktop POS

Another great method of fixing Quickbooks error 100 is reinstalling the program QuickBooks Desktop POS. However, you need to ensure that you’re taking backup of the data prior to uninstalling POS software. Have all the vital files and also close the remaining programs. 

After finishing uninstallation process, rename the files/folders:

  • Folder as QuickBooks Point of Sale XX.
  • Folder as Quickbooks Point of Sale XX.
  • QBPOSDBSrvUser folder

After you rename all files and folders, remove the QBPOSDVSrvUser windows login. Here are the ways to do it:

  • Windows+R> User Accounts > Manage User Accounts > Manage another account > QBPOSDBSrvUser> Delete the account > Yes. 
  • After going through the whole process, you must reboot your device and then reinstall the program. 
  • Login again after creating and logging out of user account. Then you must open POS and check whether Quickbooks error when contacting the server 100 shows up or not.

Solution 6: Restarting The QBPOSShell

When you’ve tried closing and again restarting QBPOSShell and didn’t get the fix for Quickbooks Point Of sale server error 100, then you can follow these steps for troubleshooting the error:

  • Visit the task manager and head to a processor.
  • Scroll to the image name, right-click QBPOSShell.exe file>End process>Close.
  • Task Manager
  • This method, it stops POS software from running in the background. Then it is possible to relaunch POS software.
  • For multiple QBPOSShell services, follow the steps:
  • Right-click the Point of Sale icon on the desktop
  • Choose Troubleshoot compatibility options
  • Now follow the instructions you see on the screen.
  • Also, reboot the device and the relaunch software.


All the aforementioned information is helpful for new Quickbooks users to resolve such errors. When the aforementioned solutions don’t efficiently fix the Quickbooks error 100, then the best approach would be looking for professional technical assistance from Quickbooks experts who are available round the clock to fix any Quickbooks related issue you’re facing ranging from system errors to installer errors like the Quickbooks Error 1722.

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