How To Fix Unrecoverable Error In Quickbooks Desktop?

How To Fix Unrecoverable Error In Quickbooks Desktop

QuickBooks generally works great for day-to-day business accounting tasks and is the first preference of small and large companies to organize financial data to ensure optimum reporting and business performance. However, like any other software, there is some degree of possibility for external and internal issues which can cause problems at work. Major errors such as an unrecoverable error in QuickBooks Desktop can cause problems in fetching information and decision-making.

What Results in Unrecoverable Errors in QuickBooks?

Initially, the Unrecoverable Error Code in QuickBooks is a direct outcome of network issues, data integrity problems, corrupt components, etc. Such problems happen due to network dips, power cuts, etc. while you’re logged in with access to company files. The main root of unrecoverable error in QuickBooks is a mix of local problems and these must be tackled and verified by a “Certified QuickBooks Technician” or an “IT Administrator”.

All Situations Where You Can Get Errors

Here are some situations where you can face unrecoverable error in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • When you’re using direct deposit for sending payroll.
  • When the user is accessing a feature Open Previous Company.
  • Making a backup of the company file.
  • After the user runs, rebuild or verify the utility.
  • Upgrade or update the payroll software.
  • Close any of the windows open in the QB file.
  • While accessing a QuickBooks desktop file on a workstation.
  • Data damage on QB file.
  • When you write checks with QuickBooks Online Bill Pay.
  • Email, save or print QuickBooks desktop documents.
  • The user sees it again while they view or conduct final reconciliation reports.
  • When you’re importing Accountant’s changes.
  • When you see an unrecoverable error while you run the Rebuild utility.

The error appears while conducting any of the following activities. However, there are a few such causes to make for such nuisances. 

Some Symptoms of QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

It is vital for users to know all symptoms of unrecoverable error in QuickBooks Desktop. It helps them to quickly identify and arrive at a decent solution before any further productivity loss. So, here are some symptoms of the QB Unrecoverable error:

  • The crashing of QB desktop window.
  • QuickBooks Desktop crashes after opening it.
  • Updating progress randomly freezes or doesn’t complete in hours.
  • Desktop QuickBooks freezes and users won’t be able to work.
  • Users won’t be able to save company file transactions.
  • QuickBooks desktop doesn’t get a software update.
  • The software crashes while you do certain tasks.
  • Users won’t be able to find saved company file transactions.

Some Common Unrecoverable Error Codes


Such general error codes can pop up under various situations and there are a lot more as well depending on the nature of the error. However, unrecoverable errors are generally meant to write off bad debts in Quickbooks desktop.

Note: Before you start fixing unrecoverable error codes you need to update the QuickBooks software after following the troubleshooting methods as offered in the outline.

Fixing QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

It is possible to try a few common steps for resolving unrecoverable error in QuickBooks Desktop which is cited under:

1st Solution: It Prevents QuickBooks from opening all windows and can open in Safe Mode

  • Press the Alt+Ctrl+Del from the keyboard and you should go to the task manager.
  • Under the Process Tab, you must close all processes of QuickBooks.
  • For “Starting QuickBooks in the Safe Mode” press and hold the Ctrl (Control Key) and double click Program Icon.
  • Don’t leave Control Key (Ctrl) till the time the launch of the QuickBooks application occurs and a “No Company File Open Screen” option appears. Release of a key of QuickBooks open file. Open and close applications normally around 2 to 3 times for ensuring that you’ve fixed the problem before you’re attempting to open a company file.
  • When the application is closed and opens the file, then you should open the company file after pressing and holding Alternate Key (Alt key) till the time the file opens up. Close the and open the file 2 to 3 times for checking whether it has been fixed or not.

2nd Solution: Repeat Steps For Around 1 to 4 As Has Been Prescribed in Solution 1 And Also Open the Sample File.

  • After opening the QuickBooks application and while you’re viewing “No Company File Open Screen”
  • Open the Sample file if you’ve seen that in the file list.
  • Browse to the default file location
  • C:\Users\Public\PublicDocuments\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company files. 
  • Now open the sample file and check whether it is working fine and open the main Company file.

3rd Solution: Reboot The QuickBooks Program

  1. Locate the file reboot.bat file under the file directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks xxx Ver 00.0 (xxx denotes the QuickBooks Version & 00.0 also denotes the current QuickBooks version).
  2. You must Right Click on the file Reboot.bat and should run like an administrator (The process also re-registers the .dll and .ocx files in the Microsoft Windows related to QuickBooks.
  3. You must open the program to check whether it resolved the problem or not or you must reboot the system and should try again.

4th Solution: Figure Out Damaged Or Missing Components and Repair “QuickBooks Component Repair Tool”

  • Download and install the tool QuickBooks Component Repair
  • Run the tool and follow wizard instructions till the end.
  • Update the Windows and Reboot your system.
  • Open the program to check whether it works well or not.

5th Solution: Refresh the installation Folder “Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool”

  • Close the QuickBooks and all the associated processes from the Task Manager like suggested as earlier.
  • Download and run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and refresh the folder QuickBooks.
  • Also, have the “QuickBooks License Number and Product Code Information Handy” prior to the next step.
  • Visit the Control Panel and choose QuickBooks from the list of installed programs.
  • Choose Change/Uninstall from the top and follow the instructions for uninstalling till the end.
  • Update the windows and restart the system.
  • Now download QuickBooks from the directory and choose the appropriate values from the page dropdown menus.

Run the setup and follow the installation wizard till the end and check whether the QuickBooks would work or not.

6th Solution: Re-register QuickBooks files

  • For this step firstly, you must shut down QuickBooks.
  • Now, select the Start menu> Run and type bat for re-registering
  • Finally, restart the PC and again open the QuickBooks

Such QuickBooks solutions are unrecoverable verified error codes. When you’re facing the same vital problem, you can contact the QuickBooks Support Number to come up with the right technical solution by a Certified QuickBooks expert.

QuickBooks Desktop Suppression

It is possible to conduct the solution with the help of two methods. So, you can follow the best suitable one.

1st Method: Suppress QB Desktop While You Access QuickBooks

  • Initially, the user would have to hold the Ctrl key.
  • Next, you would need to launch the QuickBooks application icon.
  • Now you would have to open the option No Company Open window after your press the Ctrl button until showing up.

2nd Method: Suppress QB Desktop While You Access Company File

  • You would have to move towards the option No Company Open Window.
  • Select the company file.
  • Now, press the Alt key.
  • Thereafter, select the tab Open
  • Release the Alt key after being redirected to login details.
  • Then, you must offer login credentials.
  • Do not release the key Alt until you’re on the login page.
  • Hit the OK button.

7th Solution: Shutdown Down the QuickBooks Desktop from Accessing All Windows

  • First of all, press the key Alt.
  • Then you need to double-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • When the system brings a dialogue box then release the alt key.
  • Provide the password from the account you’re logged into.
  • Hit the option OK.
  • Tap the Alt key after the software opens up.
  • End the process after leaving the Alt key.
  • Close the applications running in the background on accessing the QuickBooks application.

8th Solution: Manually Resolve the Error

  • When in the beginning, repair the software QuickBooks.
  • After that download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • After doing it, reinstall QuickBooks after using the option Clean Install.
  • You can try manual fixing for Microsoft components. When there are any problems, then you can get advice from the QuickBooks support team.
  • Reinstall the Microsoft.NET framework.
  • You can recover the Microsoft MSXML.
  • Ensure that you’re reinstalling and uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++.
  • In the end, you would have to reboot the file .exe.

9th Solution: Modify The Way Of Saving Form

  • Users can get help from the tab Save and Close.
  • They can also look for help, from the New tab located at the bottom.
  • From the two buttons, it is easy to save transactions.
  • Ensure not to leave the cursor on the sales form a blank line.
  • Before you click on the button Save, hit the Printed option.
  • Now you only need to navigate the File and Print Forms when you wish to print.
  • When you want to edit preferences when the error starts while printing. Here are some steps to help you do the same.
  • Moving towards the tab Preferences.
  • Visit the tab company preferences and the button saves transactions under it before choosing the tab Printing.
  • In the end, Hit the OK button.

These are the main solutions for how to fix unrecoverable errors in Quickbooks desktop. All such errors must resolve the problem of error. Experts acknowledge such solutions so you shouldn’t be worried about their relevance. You need to conduct the directed steps for the result. You must begin from the very first solution to the final one with the end outcome being the smooth operation of all your tasks.

10th Solution: Creating A New Admin

  • The process to create a new admin is different for different Windows versions.
  • Firstly click on the start button and also choose the option select Settings.
  • Select the Accounts and click on the family and other users.
  • Under the tab other users, a user must add someone to the computer
  • Select the option where I don’t have the sign-in information in the system.
  • At last, you can click on the option to add another user without using a Microsoft account
  • Enter a new name for the new Account and click on the finished button.
  • In the end, choose an administrator and click on the key OK.
  • For Windows 8. 8.1. 7 & Vista
  • On the system keyboard, you would have to press Windows + R keys, it opens up for running windows programs.
  • Enter or type in as Control panel and choose an OK button.
  • Click on the user accounts and select managing the option for another account.
  • Also, click or make an account. Then you can type the name of the new account.
  • Select Administrator and click to make an account.

On Windows Server:

Servers are maintained by a licensed computer technician. You can follow the description below:-

  • Firstly open the database server manager.
  • Click on the tools option and choose computer management.
  • Then you can expand local groups locally. Then choose the option groups.
  • Double-click on administrator groups and open the windows tab administrator properties.
  • Click on the option add.
  • In the users, select items, groups window, service accounts, computer systems, etc.
  • Also, enter the account name that you wish to add to local admin groups. And click on the key button OK. 

Final Summary

With any of the aforementioned fixes, you’ll be able to solve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error. These are the steps to solve unrecoverable error when opening company file in QuickBooks desktop as there are many QuickBooks unrecoverable error types and codes, applying these expert solutions ensure a steadfast resolution and make things more relevant for you. You need to conduct all steps as directed for better outcomes. However, still in case you’re going through it, you can try out reaching QuickBooks support team to get further assistance. 

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