How To Install Quickbooks Desktop On Your Computer?

How To Install Quickbooks Desktop On Your Computer?

QuickBooks Desktop is among the most reliable accounting software preferred by businesses of all scales and types. The comprehensibility and usefulness of the tool makes it feasible for essentially managing all financial transactions, forming invoices, recording and tracking expenses, and making reports. In simple words, QuickBooks is a simple solution for everything financial related. Thus, if you’ve planned to install the software for increasing the company’s productivity two fold, you must know how to install QuickBooks Desktop on your computer with the exact steps involved in the process.

Thus, before you even start, you must ensure that the system meets QuickBooks Desktop requirements. It is possible to find the compatibility information on the QuickBooks website or on software packaging. It is also vital to have a product installation CD and license for downloading installation files

Things To know For Convenient Installation Of QuickBooks Desktop

Here are a few things you must understand to facilitate error free and smooth installation of QuickBooks.

While You Install:

Does the system run QuickBooks software?

For such cases, users must verify the page of QuickBooks System Requirements for QuickBooks released version and year.

What you must do after you download a QuickBooks software file but it doesn’t automatically open?

For such situations, it’s best to visit the hard drive and search the location where the QuickBooks software file was saved and manually start it.

Should you go for the custom or express QuickBooks installation method?

Beginners must always use the express installation method when the network doesn’t set up on the system. When you’re a QuickBooks user or have a QB application installed on the system then it is possible to get custom installation for ensuring that the old QB file(s) aren’t overwritten or hampered.

While You Upgrade:

It is vital to make a backup file before you begin

Personally it is suggested to make QuickBooks backup company file(s) before you begin a QB application. It is also suggested to save and store the QBB file extension backup in an external device or hard drive.

Is it possible to amalgamate or merge various QuickBooks company files from various QB versions?

It won’t be possible to combine or merge QuickBooks company file(s).

Deciding Installation Type

The user generally has two options to install QuickBooks: custom or network and express.

Express install – The installation type is suggested in many situations like first time users, reinstalling QuickBooks, using QuickBooks on a single system, etc. You must follow the below mentioned steps for express install method:

  • Firstly, users must select the option Express and Next
  • Then they must choose the option Install.
  • And finally, they must opt for Open QuickBooks.

Let’s know what you get with the two options: custom or express install while installing the Software.

Express Install

The installation method is suggested when you’re:

  • A new user.
  • Reinstalling the QuickBooks program.
  • Using QuickBooks program on an individual computer (not as part of the computer network).

How To Install?

  • Choose Express and Next.
  • Choose Install
  • When it finishes, choose the option Open QuickBooks.

Custom And Network Install

It is suggested to go for a custom installation process when you:

·       Install QuickBooks anyplace else other than default location (like server).

·       Host company files at any server.

Set up a network of multiple users.

1.   Choose Custom and Network Options and go on Next.

2.   Choose the option describing using QuickBooks.

3.   On further display, choose Change the install location.

4.   Choose the Browse option for deciding on where you can put QuickBooks folder. Many people put the same in the Programs folder.

5.   Choose the option next for beginning installation process.

6.   After finishing it, choose open QuickBooks tab.

Step by Step Process For Downloading And Installing QuickBooks Desktop Version

Following are step-by-step instructions for installation of QuickBooks desktop on the system, you must ensure that you’re following the below mentioned steps:

1st Step: Prepare The System For Installation

The first thing to do is prepare the system for file installation. You must ensure that the system meets basic QuickBooks Desktop Requirements. It is essential to close any applications or programs before starting the installation procedure.

2nd Step: Download or insert installation CD

When you download the installation file, you must double-click the same to start the installation procedure. When you’ve got an installation disc, put it into the system and follow the on-screen instructions you see.

3rd Step: Enter Information For Product License

After starting installation process, you get prompts for entering the product license information. The information is generally present on software packaging or in a bought email when you’ve bought the program online.

4th Step: Select the Type Of Installation

The next thing to do is selecting the installation type you want. It is possible to select and install the program on a single system or within a large computer network. When you install software on the network, you would need to ensure that you’re following the right network settings.

5th Step: Customize Installation Settings

In this step, it is possible to customize installation settings. Users can select the installation where they must install software, and it is also possible to select the components that you’re installing. When you’re not sure, then the best thing to do would be leaving them to default settings.

6th Step: Waiting For Installation Process To Finish

After reviewing and finalizing installation settings, you’ll see installation process. The time length taken to install Quickbooks Desktop is based on the computer speed and the installation type you selected.

7th Step: Activating QuickBooks Desktop

After finishing the installation, the next step would be activating the QuickBooks Desktop. For this purpose, you would need to open software and proceed with the prompts for entering important product info and activating the program.


Thus, new users can easily know how to install QuickBooks Desktop on your computer and all you need to do is only follow the aforementioned steps. After following the steps, it is easy to install QuickBooks Desktop and have the software running without taking much time, and it is possible to easily manage and record finances. For any further help or clarification on the QuickBooks topic, users can get all the required help by contacting the QuickBooks qualified experts.

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