How to Open QBB, QBW and QBX File without QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Open QBB, QBW and QBX File without QuickBooks Desktop

Almost all new and established businesses are well aware of the fact that manual bookkeeping wouldn’t be sustainable for long. Rather, they leverage the features provided by the accounting software, which is the best choice for managing the finances of a company. However, the renowned accounting software QuickBooks ensures that businesses can almost complete all their accounting tasks without being worried about other unnecessary stuff. Sometimes users would have to open up documents in QuickBooks without using the application and users must know how to open QBB QBW and QBX File without QuickBooks Desktop. However, the good news is that the process is quite easy and straightforward. The article further provides instructions on opening different file formats such as QBB, QBX and QBW without the use of the QuickBooks Desktop program.

What are QBB (QuickBooks Backup Files) Files?

According to Intuit, QuickBooks backup files (.QBB) are classified as per the contained information. All the stored information in the company files is saved as a backup. The templates, account information, logos, letters, pictures, templates, and other associated files are included. However, it doesn’t support payroll forms. You should keep the QuickBooks backup copies for an audit or failsafe when the main company files are lost or corrupted. 

Process To Create QBB Files

  • The first step is clicking on the option “Create Local Backup”.
  • Now, you need to ensure that you selected the button “radio”, located beside the Local backup in the new window, and then you would need to click on the option Next.
  • If you see a new window named “Backup Options” then you need to click on Browse and then you can save the backup files for choosing a location.
  • Finally, you need to click on the option ‘Ok’. 

Process For Downloading a QBB File

  • The first step is to open an internet browser and visit the official website of your bank.
  • Now, after using the general process, you need to log in to your personal bank account.
  • With a QB Web Connect file (.QBO) you would need to download the transactions. 

Sending QBB File

  • You can begin after opening QuickBooks. Then scroll to the File, visit the Backup Company, and Create Local Backup. 
  • Verify that you’ve created a Local Backup
  • Then you would need to browse for saving the file making it simple to find
  • As defaulted you can leave all the options for backup
  • With a secure portal send the CPA/tax preparer

Where Is QBB File Location?

  • Finding the Backup File within the I;/drive.
  • Again you’ll see a QBB File Extension.
  • The file type is listed as QuickBooks Backup File.

Restoring QBB File

  • Open Quickbooks at the beginning
  • Then you choose to file and Open or Restore the Company.
  • As per the type of file, restore it as Computer Company File (.QBW), Choose Next after you choose to Open a company file. Now Select the company file right after you open the appropriate folder. This is done after you choose to Open the option and type the password. 

Opening QuickBooks Files Without The Use of QuickBooks

As it was mentioned earlier, several occasions can be there where the users would need to access a company file without the use of the QuickBooks application. Using different programs other than the QuickBooks software is the main reason here. Under such a situation, they would face difficulty in opening company files made in the QuickBooks program. In this case, users generally open an old QBW or QBB saved file. Here the program asks the user to select the right software for opening or launching the file.

The simplest way of opening QuickBooks files without QuickBooks is exporting company files into the MS Excel software. The application converts files into other formats making it more convenient for use.

File Extensions QuickBooks Use

Before you know about the main ways of opening a file without using QuickBooks, you would need to know about the different file types related to the application. Three file types are there for opening QB.

1st File Type: QBB File

The specific file type deals with the data backup in QuickBooks. All the company-related information is stored in the file with a particular extension. QBB. The type of file is thought to be very important as it facilitates backup data storage.

2nd File Type: QBX Files

The type of file is mainly related to the copy file of the accountant. The usable extension in the program has.QBX at the end. The file extension type contains many duplicates of Accountant in QuickBooks. Here QuickBooks desktop uses .qbx file extensions for sending a company file copy to the accountant.

3rd File: QBW

Another vital file type in QuickBooks is the QBW file. It contains all the essential information like logos, images, letters, etc related to the firm. The file extension is handy for creating and saving a QuickBooks data file. The file also has a significant role in the software after storing all the documents associated with QuickBooks in the windows working system of company files. Such files can also store templates, financial data, logos, images, letters, cash flow management, financial statements, business-related data, and business planning. 

How to view QBW files without using QuickBooks in excel?

As the extension type in QBW has all information about the company. However, when it is stored on a system that doesn’t have the right program for opening it then it is possible to view QBW files without using QuickBooks in Excel. Here are a few steps for exporting data in excel.

  • Visit the Start Menu on the system
  • Select QuickBooks for all the programs
  • Select the QBW file
  • Right-click for opening
  • Choose the MS Excel program
  • Select the option Export for saving the file in MS excel format
  • Now open the application, MS Excel
  • Choose the .QBW file
  • Open the file in Excel

How to open a QBB file when QuickBooks is not available?

  • The QBB file is a QBW file backup, therefore it would be more vital than the QBW file. With the help of the below-specified instructions, you can conveniently open the file.
  • Use the computer to Now launch the QuickBooks Desktop. Now Log in to the QuickBooks account and open the Company file.
  • Choose the File menu item.

Furthermore, when you’re not able to locate a file, you can search for the company file beginning with.

  • Qbb extension
  • Select an option From the File menu, and choose the Single-User Mode.
  • Once more you must click the File menu.
  • Select an option for exporting
  • You need to select and Send Report to the option New Excel Spreadsheet.
  • After this, you can press the OK button.
  • The company file for QuickBooks would be visible in the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Navigate to the File menu of the Excel sheet.
  • Select saving the file in Excel format to the PC.
  • Mention the file name, followed by the place where you saved it.
  • Also, press the Save button.

Steps for opening a QBX file when you don’t have QuickBooks?

The QBX file is an accountant’s copy only opening up in QuickBooks. You should change the same to another extension when you don’t know how to open QBB, QBW and QBX files without QuickBooks Desktop. Convert a QBX file to QBW before opening the same. After applying the following process users can convert and open the file.

  • Navigate to the QBX file.
  • Then you can right-click and choose the opening with the option.
  • For opening files, choose the option Excel.
  • When this doesn’t work, you can open an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Then you can select the File menu.
  • Choose import option
  • For opening a file, select the option from other sources.
  • Navigate to the import pages and also click the QBX file.
  • For proceeding, you can convert the QuickBooks file to Excel.
  • Look for a file with QBX extension and also attempt opening it.

Methods for opening QBW files when you don’t use QuickBooks?

QBW (QuickBooks for Windows) is a key file for QuickBooks used in conjunction with QuickBooks money management software for storing photos, storing letters and financial data for the firm. The below-mentioned steps also help you to open QBB, QBW and QBX file without QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Navigate to the Start menu.
  • Then you can navigate to the Intuit folder and also then double-click on it. You see it on the start menu.
  • Then, for launching QuickBooks, you must click on the same.
  • When QuickBooks prompts you for logging in, you need to only enter the credentials.
  • Choose the Excel file that you want to export from QuickBooks
  • Choose the vendor, customer, and employee options at the window top.
  • Choose Customer Service.
  • Then from the screen top, you need to choose Excel. The QBW file gets loaded into an Excel sheet.
  • Select the excel option and click on the export button after you save the file.
  • For accessing the QBW file without even using the QuickBooks program, you can also use the recent Microsoft Excel version.
  • Visit the Data tab after the file importing is finished.
  • Choose the option of other resources.
  • As the QBW file is accessible in the window, you can also open the same from there.
  • Search the file in the window, and also look for the QBW file out of the excel file.
  • When you’re finished with the file directory click on the new file in QBW format, and it also gets opened without the use of the QuickBooks application.


With the steps stated above, you’ll quickly learn how to open QBB, QBW and QBX files without QuickBooks Desktop. Three significant and renowned file types are there. You must be familiar with file formats in QuickBooks program. Also, you should be aware of opening when the Quickbooks account gets compromised. These can include crashing, mistakes, not responding, not working, being stuck somewhere, and other unfavorable circumstances. The process of opening a QBB, QBW and QBX file without the QuickBooks desktop also becomes simple after following the above-mentioned instructions. However, it’s best to seek professional assistance, if you’re still unable to open these file formats without QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to open a QuickBooks file without using QuickBooks desktop?

Can you open QuickBooks file formats (.qbw) without installation of the QuickBooks Desktop program? The process is quite rare as opening up QBW format file even without installing the QuickBooks Desktop isn’t considered. It is quite similar to opening up an Excel file without the installation of Microsoft Excel. As a workaround is present for all issues, users can open a QBW format file without the need of installing QuickBooks on the desktop for checking the financial reports. You must use the feature ‘Export to Excel’ on the QuickBooks Desktop for exporting QBW format files to Excel and also opening the same to another location.

When would you have to open files? QBW format without using QuickBooks desktop?

Many instances are there when you would have to open critical files without using the QuickBooks software. When you use any other accounting program other than QuickBooks because of any reason, you wish to open past QuickBooks files. 

It is among the common reasons due to which user’s face many difficulties. They have previous files of .QBW on the storage, but any current software is not there for opening it as they switched to another accounting application. A reason can be the error specified by Windows. When you’re prompted with the message stating ‘Windows can’t open this life” on launching a .QBW file it prompts you for selecting a program for opening a file. 

The most straightforward method of opening a .QBW file would be exporting the critical files to Excel, which converts the file into various formats.

How can you open a QB extension file without using QuickBooks?

All QuickBooks company files are saved generally with an extension that determines the QuickBooks file. Although the accounting software QuickBooks has plenty of extensions for its files including .QBW, QBM, QBB, QBW.TLG, QBY, ND, DES, and . IIF extensions. 

However, the renowned QuickBooks extension complies with this. QBW to save most QuickBooks company files. Extensions like .QBX and . QBB can also be significantly used. Such files are also generally used for storing all the financial information, tabulated data, templates, letters, logos, and images.

Why are all the files open in Excel Spreadsheet?

Such files have data available in tabular format with columns and rows making it available for opening in Excel spreadsheets. The data is associated with the finances such as transactions, sales, purchases, orders, payroll, taxes, bills, etc. All transactions and lists of data are available in such files. Thus, these things are shown in tabular format which it can open in Excel making it available for access, modification, and easy uses.

Why should you convert QFX file formats to QBW file formats?

The QBX file isn’t accessible only after changing the format to QBW or QBA files that are regular QuickBooks files. Such files QBA and QBW can be opened easily without using a QuickBooks account. Thus, for opening QBX files you should convert the same and use an Excel spreadsheet for accessing data. After converting, it becomes easy to access and modify the files.

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