How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15241?

Quickbooks Error 15241

As many increasing range of features QuickBooks introduces, so does its complexity and configuration requirements. Due to such factors, users are lately getting lots of errors, such as the QuickBooks error 15241. You can see the error when users attempt to update or download payroll services. One more common reason for the occurrence of this error can be – if you disabled Desktop File Copy Service (FCS). QuickBooks payroll update 15241 quickbooks error code can be a little bit annoying to tackle for users. Thus, such errors must be stopped without any delay and users must follow the most feasible methods for the same. 

What is QuickBooks error 15241?

While users face the 15241 error code on QuickBooks, they’ll see an error message showing up on their screens which states: 

Error 15241: The payroll update did not successfully finish. 

Many factors can be there resulting in the payroll error. It is also caused because of a damaged Microsoft Windows Installer or because of the installation of a damaged QuickBooks desktop. The 15241 error code makes it difficult to process the payroll function and commonly appears when users update or install payroll. Many error causing agents are responsible for this problem, which we will learn further in the article. 

What Is The Process To Establish QuickBooks Desktop Preference?

  • Visit the ‘Edit menu’ and choose the tab ‘Preferences’.
Process To Establish QuickBooks Desktop Preference
  • Later after clicking on preferences, select Graphs located and Reports on the left side. 
  • Then select any of the options like “Company Preferences” or “My Preferences”.
QuickBooks Company Preferences

For My Preferences

  • Ensure the option to modify the report and check before you open a report.
  • Then each time you also make a report, you will automatically modify the report window. 
  • After refresh, set graphs and ‘report preferences’ for confirming.

Automatic refresh – When you need to make report changes, the QuickBooks desktop would refresh it automatically. 

Ask me to refresh – When you refresh a report, you’ll see a prompt message on screen showing that graph which is to be refreshed or the graph. 

Note: it is slowest among all the 3 choices. If you’re working with a report or a graph in multi-user mode, you’ll need to go through lengthy interruption and when other users make QuickBooks Desktop data changes, then it is most likely QB refreshes the report/graph. 

What Are the Reasons For QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15241?

QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS) is disabled. The service is vital for QB application functioning and payroll service. 

  • Somehow the downloaded file also got corrupted.
  • You can also detect the QuickBooks error 15241, when the program blocks updated file access. 
  • Or on a poor QuickBooks installation.
  • A potential reason can be Trojan attack
  • Another case can be that significant QuickBooks files are somehow deleted.

Ways To Recognize Error 15241 Quickbooks Desktop

The error 15241 can arise due to plenty of reasons and if you’re facing any of the following situations, then chances are that you’ve got the error 15241 QuickBooks.

  • The error 15241 shows up and the program window crashes
  • Windows runs sluggishly and it slowly responds to mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Users get update notification in QuickBooks Payroll
  • Can’t install payroll update

What Are The Ways To Fix Error 15241 Quickbooks?

Further we discuss the steps involved for fixing the error 15241 on QuickBooks, which would differ according to the used Windows version – 

For Users on Windows Vista/7/8 and 10:

If you are currently using the Windows versions 7, Vista, 8 or 10, then you must follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The beginning step is closing QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then tap on the button “Windows Start” from the keyboard and right click Computer. 
  • Later, the user must choose the tab “Manage”.

For users on Windows 10: Click on Search button on task-bar and search for the system. Then right-click on the PC and select the option Manage tab.

  • Now click the search button present on the task-bar and then search Computer. Then Right-click on the PC and select the tab Manage.
  • This needs to be followed after you click on Services and choose the option ‘Applications’ on the left pane.
  • Next step is clicking on Services on the right pane.
  • Then on ‘Intuit QuickBooks FSC’ Perform a double-click operation.
  • Click on drop-down Startup type
  • In the startup window choose Manual.
  • Choose the Apply button.
  • Select Start option and choose the OK button.
  • Once more, open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Download product updates for QuickBooks Desktop
  • At last, ‘Update latest payroll tax tables’.

Process For Users on Windows XP

People using Windows XP must implement the below provided steps – 

  • First step here would be closing QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Then from Desktop, right click on the option ‘My Computer’ and choose ‘Manage’. There you will see a computer management screen. 
  • Scroll to the tab Services and Applications and choose Services. Now you’ll see the Services Windows open up.
Process For Users on Windows XP
  • Now scroll-down and then double-click on the service ‘Intuit QuickBooks FCS’. You’ll see the Intuit ‘QuickBooks FCS’ Properties window. 
  • After that click ‘General tab’ and choose ‘Startup’ type drop-down list and choose the option ‘Manual’.
Process For Users on Windows XP
  • After that, the user must click on the button OK. 
  • It must be followed after you again open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Download QuickBooks Desktop product updates.
  • Get Update For Payroll Tax Tables
  • Hover to employees and click Get ‘Payroll Updates’.
Payroll Updates
  • Choose download the entire payroll update.
  • Choose the tab ‘Update’.
  • When the process to download occurs, it shows a text, “A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer“.
  • Click ‘OK’ to finish the process. You’ll see the readable changes present on the screen.
entire payroll update for QuickBooks error 15241

Another Solution

QuickBooks error 15241

Another great way to fix QuickBooks error 15241 is setting up automatic updates on the Quickbooks software you’re using. This step keeps users from manually updating their QuickBooks Desktop along with other applications and tools. Here is the process to do it:

  • Click the tab ‘Help’ and choose the option ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’.
  • Next, visit the tab ‘option’.
  • Click the ‘Yes’ button to enable automatic updates. 
  • Then click the tab ‘Close’.

Quick Summary

Let’s hope that the aforementioned solutions are reliable enough to resolve the Quickbooks error 15241 from its root. However, many situations can arise where users can get troubled even after trying all of the above stated processes. In such cases, users would only need to reach QuickBooks experts, as they’re experienced at handling and resolving errors of almost all types and respond promptly whenever you communicate.

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