How To Set Up QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration?

QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration

After users Set up QuickBooks point of sale network configuration, users can efficiently handle inventory and customers while they track the sales. Either users can use the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration for building a connection between many workstations, or they can configure QuickBooks Point of sale while switching to single-user mode. You can set up a multi-user QuickBooks network when you require simultaneous access to the application from the workstations. After establishing such a server, the workstation contains data files linked with up to 19 workstations. You need to ensure all the systems buy a separate user licence to get simultaneous access.

Further, in the article, we provide step-by-step instructions to set up a QuickBooks point of sale network configuration with some basic information about QuickBooks Point of Sale, and the ways to configure Quick Point of Sale networks. 

The Need For QuickBooks POS Networking Setup

With the multi-user setup mode, users get a Client And a Server Workstation. This server is the network’s fastest system with installed point of sale. It has the company file allowing multi-user access with a connected network of up to 19 workstations. The server platform performs the following tasks:

  • It is essential for making and holding POS company files.
  • Users can make a backup, restore and rename the company file
  • Data exchange is possible with QuickBooks Desktop, with various clients
  • They can use a data import tool for importing any significant data.
  • Users have the option of setting up customer preferences with item ranking.
  • With QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration users can exchange data with other stores

For additional prints for expenses you can print reconciliation reports in QuickBooks and keep a track of all your balances.

Client Workstation QuickBooks Point of Sale

By a client system, we mean a system linked with the network with a point of sale installed in place of a server. The system mostly has a cash register with an overall summary of the day-to-day transactions. Moreover, with the QuickBooks Workstation Setup, users only need to install the QuickBooks POS on one system. However, after this step, the user has to make a few settings.

Basic System Requirements To Ensure QuickBooks POS Network Configuration

The QuickBooks point of sale network configuration desktop version is compatible with only Windows Vista –  as for installing all software files you need Windows 7 – Service Pack 2 or further, with Windows 8 –  Service Pack 1 or a higher version must be used, and for Windows Server 12 version all Windows Server versions are compatible. The important hardware to get a successful QuickBooks Point of Sale single-user mode setup and network configuration is as following:

  • A Windows Vista or a higher Windows OS version
  • A Multi-core Processor
  • At least 4 GB for a Single User with 8GB for various users.
  • Free disk space of at least 1GB.
  • For Single-user Mode – 4 GHZ CPU – and 8 GHz Processor to work with Multiple User Mode.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Configuration for – Single and Multi-user Modes

While the operating system is working in Single-User mode, the server workstation can work like the only QuickBooks Point of Sale workstation. Unlike when you run the POS in network mode, all the workstations need to work on an individual user licence. Point of Sale workstation networks is set up for accessing the application at the same time. A more complicated network configuration is available with the latter. Thus, we examine how the QuickBooks Point of Sale network configuration is set up for multiple users. Some server computer functions are as following:

  • Users make and manage the POS data of the firm.
  • They are allowed to restore, rename and back up data.
  • Exchange of information is facilitated through the Accounting Program QuickBooks.
  • Users can import data through the Data Import Tool.
  • They can decide how you want the customers and items to Rank.
  • Trade information with other stores

What Causes Errors in QuickBooks Point of Sale Network?

In rare cases, many factors can play a role in QuickBooks Point of sale Error when the users can’t access the server. All possible causes for the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Setting problem are also described below even when you’ve got the correct configuration.

Note: Multi-user Access isn’t supported by the Server that you use.

A Security Application or a Program like an Antivirus Program or Firewall, or Anti-malware Program, Obstructs or limits communication between server and other Network computers.

  • The computer also has Network Connection problems.
  • For the IP address, the users use a Dynamic IP address.
  • Both the Windows Administrator Permissions and Network Sharing Configurations are incorrect.
  • Troubleshooting for the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error

Method 1: Verify that the Server is configured for Many Users

  • Selecting File from Program.
  • The drop-down menu lets you select the option of Switching to Multi-User mode for the company files.
  • After you follow a Point of Sale Program you would need to Restart, Confirm the current status of QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error.

Method 2: Renaming the WSActivity File

  • Firstly, you need to open the WSActivity File Folder.
  • The file location is in XXIni Folder in C: Program DataIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Select the Rename option after Right-clicking on the file WSActivity.
  • Now the file has been renamed to OLDWSActivity.
  • Now restart the Point of Sale on all Workstations to see whether the Measures you took for fixing Errors have been successful.

Method 3: To Set up Folder Permissions as a Troubleshooting Step in Network Error in QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Now Right-click on the Folder on the Server Containing the Business File, and Choose Properties.
  • The file Location is C: UsersPublicPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooksPointofSaleXXData.
  • Visit the Sharing Tab and select it.
  • You can choose the Shared Folder after Clicking on the Advanced Sharing option.
  • Choose the Add option.
  • Decide on Permissions
  • In the text box, you must Enter QBPOSdbsrvuser, and then Choose Full Control from the menu.
  • Apply and also click on the Button OK.

Method 4: Turn on The Option Network Discovery

On the Local Device, Open the Window Control Panel and Choose Network and Sharing Center from all options list.

  • Make the Selection under the tab Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • The Network’s Network Profile should be expanded.
  • Select Turn on Network Discovery from the Network Discovery area.
  • In settings, you should expand all the sections of the Networks.
  • Select the option Turn off Password Protected Sharing from the section Password Protection Sharing.
  • Check the status of the Error after you close the Window Settings.

Set up QuickBooks Point of Sale Server

With access to the company Point of Sale file, it is possible to set up multiple users. The setup involves a client workstation and a server. It is ideally the quickest workstation (computer) on the network with the installed Point of Sale.

The setup is good for holding company files and allows access for up to 19 client workstations. In the following steps we will learn how to set up QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration.

Step 1: QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Setup

  • Switch to Server Workstation
  • For searching the Company File Folder, you must Utilise Windows File Explorer during this time.
  • Default company files directory is C: UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of SaleXXData.
  • Navigate to the Corporate File Folder and also Perform a Right-click.
  • Choose the Button Properties
  • Choose the option Sharing by Clicking
  • Also press the button Advanced Sharing and choose the tab Share this Folder.
  • Hit the Add Fill QBPOSdbsrvuser after you choose the tab Permissions.
  • Now Hit the Button OK.
  • Select the Full Control option under the tab QBPOSdbsrvuser.
  • Ensure that all user services and group permissions are assigned to Full Control.
  • Apply the button
  • Hit the OK button.

Step 2: Windows Firewall Configuration

The QuickBooks point-of-sale network configuration also automatically configures firewalls when it prevents connectivity in client and server. However, at times manual configuration might also be needed. Follow the below-provided instructions for configuring the Windows firewall.

  • Press Windows + R key on the Keyboard for opening and Running Window
  • Type Control and also Press the OK button for bringing the Control Panel.
  • Set the option View for Small Icons at Present Time.
  • Choose the option Windows Firewall.
  • Choose the inbound after choosing the option Advanced Settings.
  • Activate the Button New Rule.
  • After you choose the Port Tab, Choose the button Next.
  • Edit Port Numbers.
  • Now Press the Button Next.
  • Choose the Tab Next after you have chosen the tab Allow Connection.
  • Identify the Firewall Rule through its Name.
  • Choose the tab Finish
  • Now make New outbound Rule.

Multi-User Mode Setup in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Further, you can learn about setting up many users with access to the Point of Sale company file. For the Multi-User Mode setup, users get a client and a server workstation. This server is the quickest workstation (computer) on the network with Point of Sale installed. It also holds a company file while allowing multi-user access to up to 19 client workstations. Only with the server, you can easily do the following:

  • Make and hold the Point of Sale form file.                                                  
  • Back up, restore and also rename the firm file.
  • Exchange information about the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Import the data through the Data Import Tool.
  • Set customer and item ranking preferences.
  • Also set up (Multi Store) to exchange information with other stores.
  • The client workstation on a computer on a network with Point of  Sale installed isn’t a server. It is generally the cash register to record day-to-day transactions.
  • You can Set up Multi-User Mode in Point of Sale

Important Note:

  • Users must ensure that they comply with workstation system requirements for Point of Sale.
  • Install QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on both client and server workstation(s) before you follow the below steps.
  • Look at the Store Exchange Overview while setting up multi-stores.

Step 1: Set up folder permissions

While you’re at your server workstation, you need to use Windows File Explorer for locating the company file folder. Note: The company file default location is C: Public/Users/Public Documents/Intuit/QuickBooks Point of SaleXX/Data.

  • Right-click the company file folder and also choose Properties.
  • Choose the Sharing tab.
  • Choose Advanced Sharing, then you can Share this folder.
  • Choose the Permissions options and then Add.
  • Enter “QBPOSdbsrvuser, then Full Control. Note: Make sure that Everyone’s permission and Services user group are set for Full Control.
  • Choose the Apply option and then OK.

Step 2: Configure Windows firewall

When the server and client workstation is blocked through the firewall then QuickBooks Point of sale automatically configures the firewall. However, manual configuration can also be needed sometimes. With the below steps you need to configure the Windows firewall:

  • Use the keyboard for pressing Windows+R button for launching Run Window
  • Navigate to the control menu and click the button OK for displaying the control panel.
  • Now you need to set the view by option for small icons.

Select Windows Firewall

  • Click the button advanced settings and choose inbound
  • Click on the button’s new rule.
  • Select port tab and hit the option next
  • Write port numbers
  • Click the next button
  • Click on the tab allow connection and then click on the tab next
  • Provide a name to the firewall rule
  • After this you need to click on the tab Finish
  • Now make a new outbound rule

Step 3: Switch server to Multi-User Mode

  • After scrolling through the File menu, choose Switch Company File to Multi-User Mode.

Step 4: (Optional) Configure the Workstation Number

  • From the File menu, choose Preferences, then Workstation.
  • Choose General, and in the field Please enter the number for this workstation, enter the workstation number.
  • Select the option Save.


With the aforementioned information on the QuickBooks point-of-sale network configuration, users can arm themselves with the right steps needed to precisely use the software. However, it is possible that you will need a firm grasp of technical concerns or that you would need a specialist’s help for fixing any problems that you experience. In such cases, it is advised to seek professional help if the problem persists despite going for the aforementioned issue-fixing methods. With direct assistance from accounting experts, you’re bound to get the most promising fixes for the QuickBooks Point of Sale Networks.

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