What Is The ProcessTo Get Quickbooks Desktop Google Sheets Integration?

Quickbooks Desktop Google Sheets Integration

QuickBooks emerged as software that all organisations, regardless of their size, avidly use. As an outcome, most businesses have upgraded their platforms and switched to the software. Sometimes users have an organised small dataset for use, but still Quickbooks is overall handy for organising their data. Especially, when they are looking to integrate Google Sheet data, which is available online for access. In such cases users generally avoid capturing the storage space to the limit and transfer the necessary lists to QuickBooks. The article helps users in Quickbooks desktop Google Sheets integration through QuickBooks Online Advanced and through an external application. The integration ensures that users save more time, lessen the errors, and ensure an overall higher accuracy.

Integrating Google Sheets to Quickbooks Online

It is possible to export all your QuickBooks reports to your Google Sheets through the use of QuickBooks Online.

Note: Users cannot export the payroll reports to their Google Sheets.

  • Here you need to authenticate QuickBooks Online and Google Sheets first.
  • Now you can select an application to speed up the automation process
  • Choose a resulting action available from another application that you’re using.
  • Select the data that you are about to send from one platform (Google Sheets/QuickBooks) to the other (QuickBooks/Google Sheets).
  • The process gets finished after the transfer of data.
  • With the availability of linking options for Google Sheets to the QuickBooks Online account, you can export all your essential data.

How To Export QuickBooks Data To Google Sheets

The following step by step handy approach to export QuickBooks data works seamlessly for Quickbooks desktop Google Sheets integration. 

  • Choose the QuickBooks as a data source.
  • Later choose a data entity for exporting from QuickBooks
  • List the filter criteria
  • Choose data destination in your Google Sheets
  • Choose a data refreshes schedule
  • Save and then run importer

How To Manage The Exported Google Sheet Data?

After you create the Google Sheet, all the exported data is saved on Google Sheet and it is possible to access the same with Google account. Now Intuit no longer manages the data exported, and you cannot import Google Sheets back into QuickBooks Online.

Note: All the exported data to the Google Sheets won’t reflect any subsequent changes in Online QuickBooks unless another export gets undertaken. For any subsequent changes in sheet data you must know how to change orders in Quickbooks

Exporting Data To Google Sheets with QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced also makes it possible for users to export reports from QuickBooks to Google Sheets for Quickbooks desktop Google Sheets integration .

Note: You cannot export payroll reports to Google Sheets.

When you’re exporting data for the very first time:

  • You need to ensure that you’ve already created a Google account.
  • Adjust internet browser settings for allowing pop-up windows from QuickBooks Online.
  • Log in to QuickBooks Online account
  • Go to Business overview from left navigation and choose the Reports option.
  • Now, open the particular report that you want to export or integrate with Google Sheets.
  • Choose the option Export to Google Sheets after scrolling to the Export drop-down menu.
  • You’re sent a verification code for verifying the identity and access.
  • Enter the sent verification code.
  • Review the presented permissions information
  • Choose Allow for accepting permissions. Now You’ve opened your Google account.
  • When prompted, you’ll need to sign in to Google.

Now Google Sheets will link to the QuickBooks Online account. This ensures that you can export the data.

Manage The Exported Sheet data

After making the sheet, all the data that you have exported gets automatically saved on Google Sheets and it is possible to access the same with Google account. Intuit does not control the export data, and you cannot import the Google Sheet data back into QuickBooks Online.

Important Note: All the exported data to Google Sheets won’t subsequently reflect any changes in QuickBooks Online unless there is another export.

Why would you require a web connector for integration of Google Sheets with QuickBooks? What is the process for installing it?

With a proper web connector, you can ensure smooth integration and get timely updates whenever it is needed. The steps to install a web connector are as follows:

Step 1: Download web connector and install it

  • Download installer
  • Now right-click on downloaded installer
  • Select the option Extract All                        
  • Now you will need to follow the guidelines on the screen.
  • Click the Finish button to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Add the Application to the Connector

  • Visit the file menu
  • Select the option Update Web Service
  • Scroll to the option Manage Web Apps
  • Click on the Setup.
  • Choose the option Connect to QuickBooks
  • Open the QuickBooks software
  • Click on the Done button.
  • Click on the Yes button for confirming the completion.

Why do you need to integrate Google Sheets with QuickBooks?

Quickbooks desktop Google Sheets integration must be done for the following reasons:

Get automated Google Sheets reporting

You can Link QuickBooks and Google Sheets to enable fresh data flow at any point in time. Build an automatically updating dashboard for monitoring overdue invoices. Import information for building a forecast based on updated information. You can save more time and effort after automating the invoice reconciliation process and Google Sheets, etc!

Share stakeholder report data

You can share the QuickBooks reports for profit and loss with the stakeholders to collaborate on a budget! You can simplify various workflows after letting the clients and teammates review vital data, leave comments, and also add additional information and generate new resorts and dashboards without offering the users to access all the accounting information.

Merge QuickBooks data with other application insights

Users can use Quickbooks data reports to Google Sheets or also blend the same from HubSpot, Airtable, Clockify, Shopify or other systems. You can make powerful dashboards to get more visibility and also benefit the entire team. The final outcome is a comprehensive business overview only after a few clicks. 


Quickbooks desktop Google Sheets integration is fruitful for business owners and assists in generating process payments, QuickBooks invoices online automatically without the need to establish any connection between the two whenever you are logging in. After establishing a connection between the both you can search data, retrieve data, create rows and update the information specified in Google Sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What financial report data can you export from the QuickBooks to Google Sheets?

Export QuickBooks reports, including the Income Statement, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aging Receivables, and more for the necessary insights and you should also customise the reporting according to the company requirements. Now You can Export the QuickBooks Cash Flow report to the Google sheets for making an automatic updated Cash Flow Forecast, etc.

What Raw Accounts Data is available to export from QuickBooks to Google Sheets?

You can export QuickBooks accounting data, including the Transactions, Invoices, Customers, Employees, Payments, And other Vital information for creating informative reports. You can use macro for specifying the running period till you’ve pulled financial information for, Visualising the information after linking it to Google Data Studio and other BI tools Share the outcomes with the team and also find ways of improving the reporting!

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