How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code PS077?

QuickBooks Error Code PS077

As we all know, QuickBooks has been working and benefitting many small and medium-sized businesses in the market these days. It has the perfect streamlining of the operational activities in a company. However, this does not make it to be error or bug-free. Software or applications are always prone to mistakes. Similarly, QuickBooks payroll error code PS077 is an error associated with the payroll software. This error occurs when the users try to download the payroll updates in the current version of QuickBooks. This article will discuss every detail and possible solutions to troubleshoot and fix this issue. 

What is the QuickBooks Error Code PS077?

There are various situations when users may encounter a QuickBooks payroll error. These errors can be functional or technical; the resolution should be made depending on that. 

This QuickBooks error code PS077 occurs in front of the users when installing the QuickBooks payroll tax table updates. The error code flashes with an error message:

QuickBooks Error Code PS077?

Though QuickBooks are known for its smooth payroll services, such error codes can create significant issues with the software’s functionality. The users can end up disrupting their client payments or other major transactional problems. So let us understand this error code more and look toward the resolution. 

Reasons Behind the Occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code PS077

Knowing the reasons behind the error code is essential because only when you know the reasons causing the error can you work along with the correct solution. So the reasons driving these error codes are:

  • If QuickBooks software is unable to read the information or details registered about the software
  • The users are filling incorrect or outdated billing information into the software
  • If the QuickBooks payroll or some of the components of the tax table are corrupted or damaged
  • If the user is not a registered user of the QuickBooks software
  • Maybe the QuickBooks company files are corrupted or damaged
  • The QuickBooks payroll subscription is not valid anymore
  • The QuickBooks software version is not completely downloaded or installed in the system

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error Code PS077

Below are the listed symptoms that can quickly help in recognizing the QuickBooks error code PS077:

  • If the user is unable to install the payroll updates
  • The user is unable to update the tax tables
  • QuickBooks software starts getting freeze while working on it
  • The system begins performing slow
  • The QuickBooks error code PS077 starts flashing on the screen

The vital point to remember before troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code PS077

Before starting to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code PS077, below are some of the issues the users should remember:

  • Firstly, ensure the QuickBooks payroll subscription is correct and validated
  • The billing information the user is entering into the system is correct
  • Ensure the appropriate QuickBooks software desktop version is installed in the system
  • All the company files are backed up
  • Check if the system has more than one QuickBooks desktop version installed
  • Ensure the QuickBooks software belongs to its latest release version

Solutions to rectify the QuickBooks error code PS077

Now that we know all the essential details about this QuickBooks error code Ps077, below are the effective solutions methods to fix this error code:

Solution 1: Upgrade the QuickBooks payroll tax tables to their latest version

Follow the below steps for downloading these:

  1. Firstly, remove the existing QuickBooks software from your system
  2. Next, from the “Help” menu of the QuickBooks software, click on the “Update QuickBooks” option
  3. This way, you will be able to reset the QuickBooks software update
  4. Upgrade the payroll tax tables with their latest version
  5. Sort out your listing again and verify the user data
  6. Lastly, conduct a cleaning installation with the help of the selective startup mode

Solution 2: Enter the correct billing information in the software

  1. Hit the “F2” key
  2. Note down the license number of your existing QuickBooks desktop version
  3. Look down for that particular number in the dropdown and hit OK

Solution 3: Repair the existing QuickBooks desktop version

  1. Open the accounts in the existing QuickBooks desktop software
  2. Log out from your QuickBooks account
  3. Ensure you have shut down all your system’s running applications or windows.
  4. Now open the control panel.
  5. Click the “programs and features” options and choose the existing “QuickBooks desktop version,” and click the “Uninstall or repair” option.
  6. Click “repair”
  7. Once the process is completed, open up the QuickBooks desktop software again.

Solution 4: Turn off the UAC (user account control) settings

Follow the below steps to turn it off:

  1. Open the “Control Panel”
  2. Type UAC
  3. Click “change user account settings.”
  4. Move your slider towards the “never notify” option. This turns the UAC settings off
  5. Enter your administrative credentials 
  6. Lastly, restart your QuickBooks software again

Solution 5: Uninstall a similar copy of the QuickBooks desktop version from your system

If you come around an identical copy of the QuickBooks software in your system, follow the below steps to uninstall that:

  1. Open the “Run” command dialogue box
  2. Type “control panel” and hit Enter
  3. Look for similar software in the program list on your screen
  4. Right-click to select “uninstall the application.”

Solution 6: Make use of the QuickBooks Rebuild data tool

Follow the below steps to use this data tool:

  1. Open the QuickBooks software and click the “File” icon
  2. Click “Utilities” and then click “Verify Data.”
  3. This tool then helps in discovering the issue in that company file
  4. Again click the “File” icon
  5. Click “Utilities” and then click “Rebuild Data.”
  6. This step resolves the issue
  7. Return to the application and restart your system to log in

Wrapping Up

We know that dealing with this QuickBooks error code PS077 is technical and challenging too. However, the above guide will be helpful for you in resolving the error code in your system. These multiple solutions are effective for all systems. Still, if the issue seems persistent, you can contact the 24/7 available customer care support of the QuickBooks desktop software.

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