How to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS038?

QuickBooks Error Code PS038

With time, QuickBooks have become a successful accounting program in the market. However, this success does not make it bug or error-free. Therefore, one prevalent error code in the QuickBooks software version is the QuickBooks error PS038 which occurs when users try to run their payroll-related operational activities or send paychecks online. This is one of the scary errors to encounter on your screen because it is related to payroll. However, you can handle the same; as in the article below, there is a complete description of the error code and the possible measures to resolve this error code on your system. 

What do you mean by QuickBooks error code PS038??

QuickBooks error code PS038 belongs to the technical category that appears on your screen whenever any user is trying to send the paychecks online or is in the middle of handling the payroll transactions online. Therefore, these error codes make the user get stuck between the system processes.

Reasons that Trigger the QuickBooks error PS038

The most apparent reason behind the occurrence of this QuickBooks error PS038 is an inactive payroll subscription because that is mentioned in the error message itself. However, apart from this, below are some other reasons too due to which this error code gets triggered:

  • The QuickBooks company files are corrupted or damaged
  • There is already a paycheck stuck in the system
  • The QuickBooks software version is the old version
  • QuickBooks payroll subscription is pending
  • The components of the QuickBooks software are damaged or corrupted
  • Some pending payroll updates are going on in the system
  • The firewall program of your system is disrupting the working of QuickBooks payroll to enter your network
  • If there is some antivirus program running in your system that is clashing with the QuickBooks desktop version
  • There is an inactive bank account in the QuickBooks software
  • If the user has been clicking on “Send online paycheck” the multiple times

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code PS038

Some several signs or symptoms can help you recognize this error code before much damage, such as:

  • The windows of your system crashed, or the performance of the system is degrading
  • While you are making payroll updates in the QuickBooks software, there are interruptions, and the software is frozen.
  • The system speed is lowering, and the tasks are taking much longer to complete
  • The users cannot deal with the statistics of the paychecks because of data discrepancies.

Essential points to remember before troubleshooting the QuickBooks payroll update error PS038

It is recommended to undertake the below points before getting into troubleshooting and resolving the QuickBooks error PS038:

  • Ensure that the QuickBooks software is updated with its latest version
  • Ensure that the QuickBooks company files and the payroll-related data are all backed up.
  • Ensure that the user uses the QuickBooks software in the “single user mode” only.
  • The latest updates of the payroll tax table should also be installed.

Stepwise guide to rectify the QuickBooks error PS038 completely

If you are interested in the solutions that can help you resolve this QuickBooks error PS038, you are at the right spot. So, we advise you to follow the below-given steps and solutions to fix it:

Step 1: Update the QuickBooks desktop version and back up the company files and payroll data

  1. To manually update the QuickBooks Desktop version, follow the below steps:
  2. Login into the QuickBooks software with your administrative credentials
  3. Click on “Help,” then click “get QuickBooks updates.”
  4. Select “Update now” and then wait for the update to download and install in your system
  5. Once the download is completed, restart or reopen the software
  6. To back up the company files, follow the steps:
  7. Login into the QuickBooks software in the single-user mode
  8. Click on “File” and then “Backup your data file” and select “create a local backup.”
  9. Then further go ahead and browse the suitable directory to save that company data file
  10. Next, click “online and local backup” and then run a test to analyze that data
  11. Hit “save now.”

Step 2: After updating the QuickBooks desktop version, try sending the payroll

  1. Restart your system after the upgrade
  2. Open the QuickBooks desktop version
  3. Click “employees,” then select “my profile service.”
  4. Lastly, click on “send payroll data.”

Step 3: Check if the paychecks are getting stuck in between and not reaching the employees

  1. Click “Edit,” then “Find,” and select the “Advanced” option from there.
  2. Now under the “Choose filter” icon, look for the filter list and click on the “detail level” option.
  3. Now choose the “summary only” option.
  4. Again go to the “choose the filter” option and this time, look for the filter list and click on “online status.”
  5. Now from the down-down list appearing on the screen, click on the “online to send” option.
  6. Lastly, hit the “find” button to see if any unsent paychecks are again causing the QuickBooks error code PS038.

Step 4: Perform the Verify and Rebuild the data utility test

Follow the below steps to verify the data tool:

  1. Login into the QuickBooks desktop version
  2. Click on “File” and then “Utilities.”
  3. From here, select the “verify data” option
  4. If this tool can recognize the errors, follow the next step to rebuild the data tool.

To rebuild the data tool, follow the below step:

  1. Login into the QuickBooks desktop version
  2. Click on “File” and then “Utilities.”
  3. From here, select the “rebuild data” option
  4. If prompted to save the data as a backup, hit “Yes” and keep that data file at your convenient location on the system.
  5. Wait till the rebuild process is completed on your system
  6. Once it is completed, rerun the scan to check if any issues are existing still
  7. Most probably, this step helps in resolving the QuickBooks error code PS038 completely

Step 5: Detailed verification of unsent paychecks in the software

After the rebuild step, check if you are still encountering the error on your screen by following the below steps:

  • Click “employee center” and enter the name of any employee
  • Click on the Payroll Info tab and then choose the Taxes button.
  • Check if the employee has any particular tax setup. If yes, note down the details.
  • Click “lists,” and from there, select the “payroll item list”
  • Find the payroll item causing the PS038 error and double-click on it.
  • Check the tax tracking type and taxability of the item. If they are incorrect, correct them.
  • Click on Next and then Finish.
  • Click “employee center” and enter the name of the employee
  • Click on the Payroll Info tab and then choose the Taxes button.
  • Check if the employee’s tax setup is correct. If not, correct it using the details noted earlier.
  • Try rerunning the payroll to check if the PS038 error is resolved.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the comprehensive guide to resolving the QuickBooks payroll update error PS038, the users can happily say Goodbye to these payroll headaches. Ensure you follow the steps if you get stuck on any page while working on the paychecks in the software. However, if the issue is still occurring, you must contact the QuickBooks software’s 24/7 available customer care support. 

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