How To Get, Mail And Print Quickbooks Pay Stubs?

What Is The Password For Quickbooks Pay Stubs?

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable tools for managing employee payroll. Also when you’ve employed the accounting program for the welfare of the business, you know about the options for emailing the pay stubs to all the staff working in the particular company with QuickBooks Desktop. Nowadays, QuickBooks pay stubs are encrypted with password protection. After sending a pay stub to the firm, they need to know what is the password for QuickBooks paystubs to utilize or store pay stubs in their system.

Thus, pay stubs are a part of the security network of QuickBooks using a password for safeguarding the vital information of the employee. Further, in the current article, we will discuss some basic information about the QuickBooks pay stub password and resolve basic queries such as what is the password for quickbooks paystub and when it is required.

Password For QuickBooks Paystub

Before proceeding with the steps to find the password for QuickBooks Paystub, you must know what is password for QuickBooks paystub. QuickBooks is renowned accounting software usable by various businesses for managing the financial information, including employee pay stubs and payroll. The basic definition of a paystub means a document providing a record of the pay structure of an employee, including the deductions, net pay, and gross pay. For accessing QuickBooks pay stubs, the employees generally require a password.

As a manager using QuickBooks, you need to know “what is my password to access my QuickBooks paystub”. The administrator sets up the QuickBooks paystub password of the account. The administrator manages the accounts and also maintains the overall security.

When you’re an employee and need to access the paystubs in QuickBooks, you must contact the administrator of the QuickBooks account to get a password for QuickBooks paystubs. The administrator offers you the password or they might have a process to distribute the passwords to the staff. You must note that the QuickBooks paystubs password is confidential and you must not share the same with any outer person. Additionally, the staff must take care to protect the passwords and secure them, as any authorized access to financial information leads to serious consequences.

The following steps explain what is the QuickBooks paystub password. However, the QuickBooks Paystub password should be set by the QuickBooks account administrator, and the staff must contact the administrator when they want access for their pay stubs. Always keep the password protected and confidential.

How to Define the Payroll Check Stubs?

Payroll check stubs means the paycheck component that contains full details of the employee’s pay. It classifies earned income in the payroll period. Furthermore, it also presents the vital information about the taxes with other deductions from the employee earnings.

Why Do You Need QuickBooks Pay Stub Password?

When you wish to mail the pay stub directly to the employee from QuickBooks Desktop, they would require a unique password for accessing it. This is your password for QuickBooks paystubs which you would need whenever you would want to access employee paystubs.

Resetting the QuickBooks Pay Stub Passwords for an Employee

The instructions specified further helps you in understanding the process to reset the password for QuickBooks paystubs:

  • You would also have to adhere to the below-mentioned steps when you’re responsible for resetting the pay stub employee passwords.
  • In the first step, you need to navigate the Employee tab and also choose the name of the employee.
  • Post that, you would need to click the edit option in Paychecks Record access.
  • In the last step, you can click on the Reset Password option.

Emailing Pay Stubs, RL-1s and T4s from the QuickBooks Desktop

Further we discuss what is the default password when emailing paystubs from Quickbooks. QuickBooks Desktop can automatically create the password when emailing pay stubs, T4s, and RL-1s to the employees. You can’t disable the feature because of the privacy issues of the staff.

Vital Note: The password needs are changed for the QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and later. As the employer, you’ll get a message in-product that explains all updated password needs. You would have to inform all the employees of such changes so accessing pay stubs is possible.

People who are using Quickbooks Desktop must know what is the password when emailing paystubs from Quickbooks Desktop. Password Needs are there when you email the pay stubs, T4s, and RL-1s in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and later.

The needs for password for QuickBooks paystubs are currently:

  • First three characters of the last name of the employee followed by the Employee’s Date of Birth in MMDDYYYY format.
  • When the employee’s last name is shorter than 3 characters, you can use the entire name. Don’t append the first name to it. Such three characters are always lowercase. The only time the password of an employee contains an uppercase character is if the employee’s last name’s first character was an extended character. The QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t convert the extended characters to lowercase.
  • Any non-alpha character is removed from the last name (no spaces, dashes, etc.) while building the password.

To know what is password protect for QuickBooks paystub, some examples for passwords are as follows:

  • Password for the Ben Narramore with the Date of Birth 01 November 1958 would be nar11011958.
  • The password for Deb D’Spain with the Date of Birth 12 January 1978 would be dsp01121978.
  • The password for Jimmy Wu with Date of Birth 01 February 2001 would be wu02012001.

Troubleshoot any problems emailing the pay stubs to the staff.

Here you might come across any of the following warning messages such as:

“One or more selected employees do not have all of the required data for this form. You must enter it to email this form.”

“The following employee information is missing or incorrect:

  • Last Name
  • SIN
  • Date of Birth

“Would you like to open the Employee Setup window and update this information?”

Some Basic Steps For Troubleshooting

These are some basic steps for troubleshooting to know what is password to open QuickBooks paystub when the password doesn’t work:

  • Check the employee name setup for the non-alpha spaces or characters.
  • Were there any edits in the employee date of birth or name since you got the emailed pay stub? The password is made and encrypted the moment you send the email.
  • Attempt the process with a different employee and check when you get the same outcomes.
  • Resubmit pay stub.
  • If anything else doesn’t work, you need to delete and remake the paycheque and make another attempt.

Emailing Pay Stubs To The Staff in QuickBooks Online

It is easy to mail QuickBooks pay stub to your company staff. You would only have to follow some basic guidelines.

To ensure better security, QuickBooks doesn’t allow emailing paystubs directly as an attachment. Paychecks aren’t automatically sent to the official Intuit site. The staff would need to sign in and anytime get the paystubs. Also you can get a notification for your new paystubs. Thus, follow the below-mentioned steps for manually sending the QuickBooks pay stub.

Steps to directly email the pay stubs to the staff:

  • Select the employees to the option from the left menu.
  • Choose a staff member and click the Paycheque list tab.
  • And locate the pay cheque that you wish to email, and also open it after selecting the Net Pay amount.
  • Select the Print. 

Note: After it shows the actual paycheck instead of the paystub, then you can Paycheck Printing preferences for changing.

To know how to get vital information on paystub history you can check Historical Payroll Data in QuickBooks Desktop And Online.

Printing QuickBooks Pay Stubs Online

While you print the pay stubs on the QuickBooks on blank papers, the firm name, address and phone numbers are reflected at the base and the top of the page. The stubs or the QuickBooks paycheck feature lets you email pay stubs to the staff from the QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks print pay stubs can act like physical paycheck records with the date and amount of the paycheck. With the necessary printing preferences in payroll QuickBooks, it is possible to create the pay stubs in QuickBooks desktop with all the required information that the employees wish to have.

Further the below mentioned steps describe what is the password for quickbooks paystubs and how to print the pay stubs in Intuit Online Payroll and QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Print Pay Stubs For QuickBooks Online Payroll

Further let’s understand the right way to print pay stubs for QuickBooks online payroll with a step by step approach. Whether you have to print the pay stubs for employees as a matter of course or an employee requests their recent pay stubs for securing a  social security or loan benefits,

Step 1: Set up the printing preferences for pay stub.

Firstly, you would need to set up printing preferences. For that:

  • You need to click on the Settings icon and select the Payroll settings
  • In Preference option choose the Paycheck Printing
  • Select the Plain paper stubs, and click on the option OK.

Step 2: Start printing the pay stubs

  • Choose the option Employees on the workers’ field
  • Choose the Paycheck List in the section My Payroll.
  • Select paychecks that you would want to print and also select the option Print.

QuickBooks Online Payroll (other versions)

Note: Use the QuickBooks Workforce and choose the time and paper. Invite the workers and access the pay stubs online.

Step 1: Set up the printing preferences for pay stubs.

  • Visit the option Settings and select Payroll Settings.
  • On the printing, segment choose the icon Pencil.
  • After you choose the Plain paper and save it.
  • Also, select Done.

Step 2: Print the pay stubs

  • Select the Employees under the section Workers.
  • Choose the Paycheck list in the section My payroll.
  • Select the paycheck that you wish to print and select the option Print.

Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

Recording pay stubs is a seamless process with the Intuit online payroll enhanced and it is further arranged in a step by step approach.

Step 1: Choose the printing preferences for pay stub

1.       In Setup section choose Preferences

2.       Choose the Paycheck Printing Settings.

3.       Select the option Choose Plain Paper Stubs, and select the option OK.

Step 2 : Print the pay stubs

1.       In Payday select the Paycheck List.

2.       Select the paycheck that you wish to print and select the option View Print.

3.       Click on the Printer icon for printing pay stubs.

With the QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service

Creating and recording paystubs for the payroll full service ensures that you manage the online payroll for your employees without complicating the process. Here are the steps to quickly process after you create a paycheck:

Steps to quickly after you create a paycheck:

  • Visit the section print pay stubs in the confirmation page. The paycheck always opens up as PDF format (Portable Document Folder) in the PDF viewer.
  • Later you need to visit the printer symbol for printing the paychecks and then visit all on-screen instructions in PDF viewer.

Printing a pay stub whenever you need one:

  • Search for reports in the left menu.
  • Click on all the and Choose Payroll later
  • Now there will be a list of payroll reports showing under the payroll drop-down, click on Paycheck List, and insert the report names in the search bar.
  • Click checks for printing and putting in the check number.

Note: The print button displays only when you choose one or more checks in paycheck lists.

  • Check the option Print. The checks also display in PDF format.
  • Here you need to be sure that the printer is filled up with check stock.
  • Now visit the printer icon under PDF viewer and visit all the on-screen instructions.

With the Intuit Full Service Payroll

With the full service version, users have access to lots of payroll runs. They can calculate taxes and paychecks. It is good to monitor and update the state and federal taxes so you won’t need to. The following steps explain how to create and print paystubs for employees with the intuit full service payroll.

Steps after making paycheck:

  • On the confirmation page Click on the option Print Paychecks.
  • Ensure to choose the employee in the window Print Paychecks.
  • Later, choose the Print option. The paycheck opens in PDF (Portable Document Format) under PDF viewer.
  • Now visit the printer symbol for printing and going with all on-screen instructions in PDF viewer.

Steps for printing pay stubs whenever you need them:

  • Visit the Home page under the section Related Activities look for the List View Paycheck.
  • Click on checks for printing and inserting the check number.

Note: The print button can display only on selecting single or multiple checks in the list of paychecks.

  • Later you can choose the print option. The paycheck opens up in PDF under PDF viewer.
  • Now, visit the printer icon under the PDF viewer and follow all the instructions specified on screen.


Thus now we know whenever a staff member wishes to access QuickBooks pay stub record, then they would have to enter a temporary password. And with the above explained process they know what is the password for quickbooks paystubs. They must know that the password would need to be case sensitive. They must copy the password and paste the same in the password section. Thus, it is the simplest way for entering the right password. You’ll get the password through email. You need to be sure that the password doesn’t have any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the pay stub in QuickBooks Online?

These are the steps for viewing the pay stubs in QuickBooks Online:
Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
Choose the “Workers” menu from the screen’s left panel.
Click on the ‘Employees’ option, and visit the tab ‘Pay’.
To edit it “Click” the pencil icon.
Now you would have to edit personal details, so you would have to click on the section “Personal Info” for editing it.
In that particular section, you need to add the email address of the employee
At last, click on the option “Done”

What you can look for on Paystub?

Pay stubs generally include basic details such as name, social security number, address, and other such personal information.

What passwords Employees should enter for opening email pay stubs?

You can change the mail templates after using Layout Designer to customise forms. Here is how you’ll be able to do it:
Scroll to the form top area and search the option Current Template.
Choose a current template and select the option New Template or select Edit Current Template.
Make changes and click the File, and Save or File.
Click Save for saving the template.

How to change the paystub email template in QuickBooks for Mac?

You can change the mail templates after using Layout Designer to customise forms. Here is how you’ll be able to do it:
Scroll to the form top area and search the option Current Template.
Choose a current template and select the option New Template or select Edit Current Template.
Make changes and click the File, and Save or File.
Click the Save as for saving the template.

Can you customise QuickBooks pay stubs as per your needs?

Yes it would be possible to customise your pay stubs in QuickBooks according to your need and the process is simple so you can amend the pay stub of the employee while showing company address, sick information, action and employee information.

How to set QuickBooks to pay stub password or what format do you need to follow?

You can set up an EPay stub password with the date of both in YYYYMMDD format, followed by three Social Security Number. Also, you cannot amend it to ePay stub password. It will always be of eleven digits.

How is pay stub password relevant?

The password for Pay Stub also plays a vital role, or you can say that the primary role while you send a pay stub to an employee through QuickBooks email option.

Can you mail pay stubs through QuickBooks Desktop to employees?

Yes, sending email stubs from the QuickBooks desktop to employees would be possible. It also saves time after you send pay stubs. Also, you know when you email paystub in quickbooks what is the password? QuickBooks desktop permits users to send pay stubs such as PDF documents to the employee’s email address.

How does an employee modify QuickBooks pay stub password?

With the QuickBooks Desktop users can get the benefit of automatic pay stubs complying with state laws. It offers all the important employee details such as benefits, earnings, withheld taxes, and paid taxes. Here we also shared, printed, emailed, and also reset the paystub passwords in QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

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