9 Possible Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6147, 0

9 Possible Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6147 0

While working on the QuickBooks desktop application, the users may encounter a QuickBooks Error 6147 when opening the company file. The error may also occur while restoring the file in the system due to a lack of permissions. The issue is not permanent and can be resolved by following a few easy steps. A user can opt for any possible solution to fix the issue. These methods are proven and work in almost all cases. 

QuickBooks Error 6147 0

Understanding the QuickBooks Error 6147, 0

The error that appears on the screen while opening the QB Company File is QuickBooks Error Message 6147, and the error belongs to the family of error 6000. The error may also occur when restoring the company file backup from the local system. The system may show different messages when the error flashes on the screen. Some of the error messages of QuickBooks Error 6147 are mentioned below:

  • Error code -6147, 0 when opening my company or backup files.
  • -6144, -82 This is not a QuickBooks data file, or there is a problem with the data file.

The error may start reflecting on the screen for various other reasons. To fix the issue, you can use various troubleshooting methods without any problems.

Major Reasons for Gettings QuickBooks Error Code 6147

Knowing the exact reason for getting an error can solve half of the problem, after which you’ll be sure what to apply and what not. There are various reasons for getting the QuickBooks error 6147 in the system while working on any task. Here is a list of all the major reasons:

  • Damaged or Corrupt Company Files.
  • Damaged QBW file.
  • Incorrect data in QuickBooks Company File.
  • The company file is either deleted or exists on third-party software.

Signs of Error 6147 in QuickBooks Desktop

You may encounter various signs of getting the QuickBooks error code 6147 in the system. Some of the major signs are listed below:

  1. Issue while opening the Company File in the QBDT application.
  2. Failed to restore the backup file.
  3. The system automatically shuts down.
  4. The application crashes very frequently.
  5. The system freezes or does not respond.

9 Effective Ways to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6147

You can follow any of the available troubleshooting steps accordingly. All the methods given are effective in resolving QuickBooks Error 6147 and can be fixed quickly. These are the standard troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix other errors like errors 15240, 12007, etc. Here is a list of all the QuickBooks solutions for the 6147 0 QuickBooks Error:

  1. Install QuickBooks File Doctor
  2. End All the QB Programs Running in Background
  3. Use Trend Micro Active Scan Feature
  4. Running the Rebuild Utility Tool
  5. Rename QuickBooks .ND and .TLG Files
  6. .ADR File Name Change Option
  7. Move QuickBooks File to Another Location
  8. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  9. Create Various Backup Files at Different Locations

#1 Install QuickBooks File Doctor

Installing a QuickBooks File Doctor tool can resolve the issue in no time. QB File Doctor is an impressive tool that can find all the issues in the QuickBooks desktop application without any external help. Here are the steps available for troubleshooting QuickBooks error 6147: 

  1. Visit the official website of Intuit.
  2. Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
QuickBooks Tool Hub
  1. Open the QB Tool Hub.
  2. Go to Company File Issues.
Company File Issues
  1. Click on the Run QuickBooks File Doctor button.
  2. The File Doctor Tool will then automatically start searching for the issues that exist in the system. 
  3. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.
  4. After that, try opening the file again.

Note: Follow the last step of opening the Company File even after it is unsuccessful. If not fixed, then jump on to the next method.

#2 End All the QB Programs Running in Background

Ending all the running programs and clearing the background may also help rectify the QuickBooks Error Message 6147. Follow the below steps to do the same:

  1. Firstly, log in as Administrator.
  2. Then, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys together.
  3. Now, click on the Users tab to show all the processes running.
  4. It will highlight the QuickBooks processes:
    • QBW32.exe
    • QBupdate.exe
    • QBDBMgr.exe
  5. Click the End Task option to close all the running tasks/programs.
  6. In the end, open the Company File in multi-user mode.

#3 Use Trend Micro Active Scan Feature

Jump to the microactive scan feature if the QuickBooks Error 6147 remains unresolved. Follow the below steps one by one:

  1. Check where the Company File exists, and remember the location of the file.
  2. Press the Ctrl+Key and double-click on the QuickBooks Icon.
  3. Select the one from the list if you see the company file on top.
  4. The file you open will also show its location.
  5. Now, go to the Trend Micro Active Scan option.
Use Trend Micro Active Scan Feature
  1. Click on the Scan Settings button.
  2. Then, find the File Folder and allow the exception for the file.

#4 Running the Rebuild Utility Tool

You can also try the Rebuild Utility Tool option to refix the data files. Below are the following steps to do the same:

  1. Firstly, go to the File Menu.
  2. Select the Utilities option.
  3. Then, click on the Rebuild Data option.
  4. Now, click the OK tab if the backup company file prompt appears on the screen.
  5. Then, click the OK button if the prompt shows the message “QuickBooks is not responding” on the screen.

#5 Rename QuickBooks .ND and .TLG Files

Renaming the QuickBooks .ND and .TLG files can also help quickly fix the Quickbooks Error 6147. These are some of the important files that enable users to open the company files in the system. Here are the effective steps to follow:

  1. Open the folder where the company file exists.
  2. Find the .ND and .TLG File:
    • Company_file.qbw.nd
    • Company_file.qbw.tlg
  3. Right-click on the File
  4. Click on the Rename option.
  5. Then, add OLD at the end of the file name.
  6. Now, open the QuickBooks Company File again.

#6 The .ADR File Name Change Option

Users can also fix the error 6147 in QuickBooks desktop by changing the name .ADR file in the system. To change the name:

  1. Go to the Folder in which Company Files are stored.
.ADR File Name Change
  1. Then, find the .ADR Files.
  2. Open the .ADR File Folder and search for the most recent file.
  3. Then, right-click on the file.
  4. Select the Rename option from the list of options.
  5. Then, change the name to .qbw.

#7 Move QuickBooks File to Another Location

Moving the complete QuickBooks File to another location could resolve the QuickBooks error message 6147. Follow the below steps to fix QuickBooks 6147:

  1. Make sure that the hosting system is turned off.
  2. Go to the QuickBooks Desktop Application.
  3. Then, click on the File Menu.
  4. Now, select the Utilities option.
  5. When you see the Stop Hosting Multiple-User option, follow the below steps:
    1. Stop the Hosting Multiple-User Access.
    2. Click on the Yes button.
    3. The Next window will pop up.
    4. Then, click on the Yes button with the Company File closed.
    5. Try to Restore the Backup file now.

#8 QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is perfect for finding and fixing damaged company files. You can download the tool directly or use the QuickBooks Tools Hub. Here are the effective steps:

  1. Firstly, close the QuickBooks Desktop Application.
  2. Then, download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tools Hub program.
QuickBooks Tools Hub program
  1. Then, save the files to the downloads folder.
  2. Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  3. The prompt will pop up on the screen to Install and Agree on the terms and conditions of the application.
  4. After the installation finishes, double-click on the icon on the Windows desktop to open the Tools Hub.
  5. Click on the Installation Issues tab in the application.
  6. Then, check and click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  7. Once completed, Restart your computer.

#9 Create Various Backup Files at Different Locations

Creating backup files at different locations can avoid getting the QuickBooks error message 6147. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Ensure that the hosting is disabled on the system.
  2. Click on the File Menu.
  3. Opt for the Utilities option.
  4. Then, click on the Stop Hosting Multi-User option from the list and continue the following steps:
    1. First, Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
    2. Then, click on the Yes button.
    3. Wait for the next Windows prompt.
    4. Then, click on the Yes tab with the company file closed.
    5. To complete the process, Restore the Backup File on the system.

Winding Up!

QuickBooks is one of the most powerful accounting tools that help businesses, firms, and organizations to maintain their finances. If the user encounters QuickBooks error 6147 in the application, it will restrict the user from doing all the important tasks by blocking or not opening the Company File in the software. However, there are various methods through which a person can fix QuickBooks error message 6147 0 quickly. If the issue is not resolved after following all the methods, you can visit the official website to contact the technical expert.

FAQs About QuickBooks Error 6147

What is the meaning of QuickBooks Error 6147?

The QuickBooks error message appears on the screen while opening or restoring a company file. The users will be able to see an error message stating, “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the Company file.”

What are the main reasons for getting QuickBooks Error Message 6147 in the QBDT application?

There are various reasons for getting the QuickBooks error code 6147 in the QBDT application, such as a damaged or corrupted company file, file moved to a different location, a QuickBooks company file containing wrong or invalid data, etc.

How do you fix a QuickBooks error 6147 in the application?

You can fix the QuickBooks error code 6147 0 by following easy troubleshooting steps. Some of them are running the QuickBooks File Doctor, moving the QuickBooks file to another location, and Renaming the .ND, .TLG or .ADR file, taking backups on different locations, Rebuilding Utility, etc.

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