Fix QuickBooks Error 15276: When Updating Payroll?

QuickBooks Error 15276

The QuickBooks error 15276 might show up when the application users try updating Quickbooks software but the update process stops. In such instances users see the 15276 error code for update. The error often shows up altogether with other errors. Underlying issues of these nature can cause the software to become corrupt. Disruption in the network can also be caused due to updating of user blocks.

Understanding QuickBooks error 15276

While you update the Quickbooks software or the payroll, you’re returned with any of the following messages.

  • Error 15276: The update did not complete successfully. One of the files to be updated was in use and could not be replaced.
  • Error 15276: The payroll update did not complete successfully. One of the files to be updated was in use and could not be replaced.

The issue arises when any of the updated files is being used and it is not possible to replace the same. 

Reasons For Quickbooks Payroll Update Error 15276

There are many possible reasons for the Quickbooks error 15276 in Quickbooks software, causing update failure. Let’s look at the causes in detail and what solution methods can we apply as quick fixes. 

  • A common possible cause of the error is because of a wrong registry entry or corrupted or damaged registry documents.
  • Bad sectors in the hard drive or incompatibility of the software with the hardware part cause the error to show up.
  • Trojans, viruses, malware, or other such problems can result in device troubles. 
  • Incompatibility of the QuickBooks Desktop version with the operating system you use.
  • You don’t have a current QuickBooks Payroll subscription
  • The tax tables haven’t been updated yet on the system.
  • Your system doesn’t have the latest version of the digital sign

Moreover, with QuickBooks MAC payroll, users won’t face such problems. 

Resolution Steps For The QuickBooks 15276 Error

Among all the possible methods to resolve the error, we discuss the most reliable ones below. Further, let’s look at the main fixing methods for error 15276 Quickbooks resolution. 

Solution 1: Installing QuickBooks Tools Hub

With QuickBooks Tool Hub users fix common errors. You’ll have to close the QuickBook application for using tool hub. The best possible experience is using Tool Hub on the Windows 10, 64-bit.

  • Close the program QuickBooks.
  • Download recent version ( from QuickBooks Tool Hub. Then save the file in a particular location from where it is easy to locate it (such as the Documents folder on Windows desktop). 

Important Note: Users who installed Tool Hub earlier, it is possible to find the version you’re using. Choose the tab Home. You’ll see the version on bottom.

  • You can open the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Follow the steps on screen for installing and agreeing to the conditions and terms. 
  • On finishing of the installation, users must double-click the icon on the Windows Desktop for opening tool hub.

Note: When it is not possible to find icon, make Windows search for the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then choose the program. 

QuickBooks error 15276

Solution 2: Running Quick Fix my Program

Users must follow the provided steps to fix the error 15276 Quickbooks desktop through Quick Fix my Program option:

  • Scroll to the Quickbooks Tools Hub, and choose Program Problems.
  • Choose the option Quick Fix my Program.
  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop software and open the data file. 
  • Then download latest tax table.

When above-mentioned steps don’t work well, you must perform and uninstall/install QuickBooks Desktop in the Selective Startup to fix error 15276 Quickbooks desktop. 

Solution 3: Performing re-installation On Selective Startup

When installation of QuickBooks in selective startup doesn’t resolve the problem, chances are you wouldn’t have enough permissions for smoothly running the File Copy Service. The steps to uninstall and then Reinstall the software on the Selective Startup are as follows:

  • Firstly, press the keys Windows+R together from your keyboard and you’ll see a run box.
  • Now you must type MSCONFIG into Run box and then click on the OK button.
  • In general tab select Selective Startup while you ensure that you’ve uncheck Load startup items.
  • Next click on the option OK. 
  • Click Restart on getting prompted. 
  • Now uninstall and then again Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

Important: Before uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop. You must be sure to be handy with product information like Product Number and License Number. You can also find the info after pressing F2 key or the key Ctrl + 1 on QuickBooks. 

Step 4: Switch to Normal Startup Mode

  • Firstly, press the button Windows+R for opening Run window
  • Then type the MSCONFIG into Run box and also click OK
  • Choose the Normal Startup option.
  • Now also click on the Apply and also click OK
  • Then restart the system

When you follow all the aforementioned steps you won’t face Quickbooks error 15276 but under some instances it can still exist, the best approach would be getting assistance from the Quickbooks experts who are happy to help you with any Quickbooks issue. 

Solution 5: Download Updated Tax Table

The Quickbooks error 15276 in Quickbooks payroll can also arise whenever no latest tax tables are set up on the system. The steps for downloading tax tables are also provided as under:

  • For the first step, you would need QuickBooks Desktop opening.
  • After that, you can visit the Employees tab and click the option of Payroll Updates. 
  • Then click the option for downloading the whole update.
  • Select the option of Downloading the latest update
  • After you’ve downloaded the update, install it then restart the Quickbooks software and again try the update process. 

Solution 6: End the Qbwebconnector.exe service and also restart it

A good approach to resolving error 15276 is restarting QuickBooks service Web Connector in Task Manager. With the below-mentioned steps, you can easily restart Qbwebconnector.exe.

  • At first, open Task Manager after simultaneously clicking Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys. 
  • Then click on the tab processes.
  • In the processes list, look for option Qbwebconnector.exe.
  • On locating it, right-click on the same, and then finally, also click on the option for ending the process. 
  • Now reopen QuickBooks and also retry updating the QuickBooks desktop application. 

Solution 7: Setting The Most Updated Digital Signature Certificate

The measure is significant for fixing error 15276 as setting having the updated certificate of digital signature on the system. It also acts a safeguard against different internet explorer errors, including the Quickbooks payroll update error 15276. The steps for installing updated digital signature certificates are provided as under:

  • Open Windows Explorer and then scroll to Drive:/Program Files/Intuit/QuickBooks.
  • You must later select QuickBooks executable file in the folder.
  • Then right-click on file and also select the option Properties.
  • Then, also click on the option Digital Signature.
  • Ensure Intuit Inc, has also been opted for.
  • Also click on the option for installing the certificate, and also click the Next option.
  • After you’re completed with setting up the certificate program, launch the QuickBooks program and also attempt to again update the accounts program.


Lately, many errors are shown with updated solutions for troubleshooting QuickBooks error 15276. Let’s hope the methods and instructions stated above are helpful. Unfortunately, when you’re not able to fix such problems, then to get the best experience for timely fixing such errors would be contacting a QuickBooks error specialist for looking after the issue and helping in resolving the error. 

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