What Are The Ways To Delete A Company File In Quickbooks Desktop?

How to Delete a Company File in QuickBooks Desktop

Among some common QuickBooks user queries are how to delete a company file in quickbooks desktop. After having a thorough analysis on the segment listed below users can find resolution for all their queries. Deleting file is helpful for preventing them from getting into the company files list. It is possible to find and fix it similar to other system files. Furthermore, it is possible to type anyone into the start menu search bar. Before beginning with the process, it would be vital to include an asterisk before the extension type, to ensure that search works fine.

  • .qbb (Back Up Files)
  • .qbw (Working Files)
  • .qbx (Accountants Transfer Files)
  • .qby (Accountants Change Files)

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Some Things To Take Care Of Before You Delete Company File

Certain instructions are there before you delete a company file on the QuickBooks account. Following instructions are listed specifically:

  • Sign in on the QuickBooks Account.
  • Later, visit the Chart of accounts.
  • Search for File menu.
  • Click the Close company option.
  • Now you’ll see a new drop-down. Here select the tab Edit.
  • Choose company file that you’re about to delete. You must select check mark beside it.
  • Now Click the OK button.

Find Company File In QB Desktop

Finding company file QB version is done in a step-by-step manner, which can also include following:

  • Find company file present in the QB windows (Premier, enterprise and Pro)
  • Then scroll to QB software and then find the file that you’re about to delete.
  • For opening company, select the option Open company file. Then click on the tab Next.
  • Furthermore, choose the File you wish to Delete. Click on the option Open.
  • Users can get file location, for this purpose click on the key F2 showing the file path on the computer.
  • Finally, close QuickBooks and click the tabs File and Exit.

Process to Find Company Files in QB Mac

The process to detect company file in QuickBooks Mac is different than Windows which is mentioned as follows:

Herein, double click on the QuickBooks program and company file that you are about to delete.

  • Click on the Help tab seen on top menu. Now choose the Product information option.
  • You will see new opening on screen, head to bottom. See file location.
  • You must follow File path for Deleting file.
  • The file path is Files>Intuit>QuickBooks > Company files > File name.
  • Finally, close screen.

Alternative Method For Deleting QuickBooks Desktop Company File

Various guidelines are available for many account types. Let’s find out the ones that suit you most.

If the account is before 60 activation days

Note that it is not possible to get rid of company data, if it was active for up to 60 days. In the process, you can cancel and get new subscription.

Cancelling the Account

The account cancellation steps are mentioned as following:

  • The first step would be signing into company file of QuickBooks online.
  • Then you can scroll to Gear icon and you can also opt it.
  • Later browse on the account
  • Click on the option Update credit card.
  • Now Move to section Subscription status and click the link Cancel Subscription.
  • Finally, carry out on screen prompts and finish cancellation process.
  • Begin New Account.

Post account cancellation, now it would be the time for setting new account. You can follow the below mentioned steps for setting up new account.

  • For this reason, you can Sign in on Intuit QuickBooks from the browser and hit the tab Enter.
  • Old ID and password will be required for logging or using new credentials.

If your account isn’t older than 60 activation days and you need to import QuickBooks desktop company file.

Here you need to note that QB online data after deleting or replacement can’t get restored.

  • Firstly make sure to first sign in.
  • Head towards the screen’s upper right corner. Then choose Gear icon.
  • Now click Import desktop data option.
  • Further try the suitable version and follow the instructions on screen for importing data.

Steps To Delete Company file in QuickBooks 2017

Users get the option of deleting company from list of open company. They can  also permanently remove company files. Further we guide you with the steps on how to delete a company file in Quickbooks Desktop 2017.

  • Visit the file menu.
  • Now click the Close Company option.
  • Choose the button Edit List.
  • Put check-mark besides the company to delete
  • Click the button OK.


The blog offers simple options of deleting a company file in QuickBooks Desktop. Even after following all the provided options in locating company, if you face any problem, you can contact a QuickBooks expert for seamless resolution of all your queries. Experts offer round-the-clock assistance for users so they won’t have to face any difficulties in the process.

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