How to Fix Quickbooks Error Codes 6190 and 816?

How to Fix Quickbooks Error Codes 6190 and 816

The versatile accounting and finance software QuickBooks is a boon for small businesses and large multinational corporations as well. The reliability of QuickBooks has made it a trustworthy software due to its high-end features enabling users to seamlessly monitor and control their accounts with only a few simple functions making them meet vital business requirements. However, like other software applications in the market, QuickBooks is also prone to certain errors which can cause a halt in business work. Some frequently reported errors by many new and old QB software users are the Quickbooks error codes 6190 and 816. Further let’s understand these errors, their cause, and how to get a quick fix for the same.

About Error Code 6190 and 816 in QuickBooks

The technical error Error Code 6190 and 816 can show up while you’re working on the program. The best way to get rid of it is to initially fix it in its early phase. Error code can pop up with the error text “QuickBooks was unable to open company file on the hosted computer.” This message states that company file is not accessible to users.

It is possible to solve the error after following easy steps by QuickBooks and accounts experts. However, when the issue persists, you can directly connect with a professional to resolve the problem.

Reasons For QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816

Quickbooks error codes 6190 and 816 can occur because of the following causes:

  • A possible error cause is when transaction log file (TLG) does not match company file. The TLG file can store transaction records that the company performed and the same gets saved automatically on the QB accounts program.
  • The file then gets stored like (company file name) .qbw .tlgfile. The file can’t get accessed for conversion into Company Data File (qbw). Thus, QuickBooks also demonstrates the error – 6190, – 816 when the QBW isn’t according to the “TLG ” linked file.
  • Error code also shows up in update failure instances when a user updates a company file in another computer without transaction log file update.
  • One more key reason for the error is another user that accesses Single User Modes company files.
  • The data corruption data file also results in the error. Therefore it is vital to find out data corruption in QB data file. Thus, it is vital.

Some Symptoms of Error Code  6190 816

After any of the following symptoms shows up then the users successfully spots the error:

  • Error code can be on your screen interrupting the current program window which is among the basic symptoms of the problem.
  • When your system keeps freezing often.
  • Another vital sign to look out for is when company file and transaction log file don’t match, resulting in a corrupt company file.
  • Your system can run slowly and does not respond to inputs of the keyboard.

Fixes For QuickBooks Error Code 6190 and 816

Before you troubleshoot the error message for Quickbooks error code 6190 and 816 “QuickBooks is unable to open this company file”, ensure that you’re logged in as an administrator on Windows PC. When not, right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and choose the option Run and Administrator for accessing QuickBooks as an administrator.

Solution 1: Using the Doctor Tool For QuickBooks File

Firstly, ensure that you’ve got the recent QuickBooks version before you perform troubleshooting steps. When you haven’t got the recent version, you can update the same and fix the problem through QuickBooks file doctor:

  • From the official Intuit website users can download doctor tool file.
  • Download and then install File Doctor for QuickBooks through the official Intuit website.
  • As the administrator login and also run the tool.
  • You’ll see two options pop up: Network only connectivity and Both File Damage and Connectivity
  • Select the first option, then it identifies damaged files and lets you get a fix for error 6190.
  • Now enter the admin password
  • Later, you’re asked when you store a company file on Server Workstation.
  • When you see the file on your server, click on the “yes” option or else click on the “No.”
  • Choose the option “Proceed.”

Solution 2: Fix Any Mismatch

Error outcomes are shown on the system. The damaged or corrupt files are detected or repaired automatically. When the problems are still unresolved, it is possible to perform the next troubleshooting – Fix the mismatch.

Use the system with company file. Further, you can also rename TLG and . ND files for repairing damaged data of the company through the following steps;

  • Search and open company folder.
  • Search for the company file. Here the names of the company file and the TLG file are the same but the extensions are different.
  • Company_file.qbw.nd
  • Company_file.qbw.tlg

Rename the company file. You can change the name to add “old” or any other thing at the filename end. 

Note: Ensure that you won’t change the extension or delete “qbw. nd” at the company file end. Ex: company-file.qbw.nd” at company file end. Ex: company_file.qbw.nd.OLD

  • Rename the transaction log after following the instructions in the previous point.
  • Now click on the “Exit” option.
  • Open QuickBooks and select whether it is possible to log in on the company file.

Solution 3: Check For Single Mode User

The solution to check for the single-mode user to fix Quickbooks error codes 6190 and 816 is applicable after trying the following steps.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Copy the data file on desktop or another location instead of the source.
  • Now again copy data file to the original location.
  • Feed the credentials for singing into QuickBooks

Note: When you still see Quickbooks error code 6190 816, follow the solution – Check User Single Mode. No user must be logged into QB Data File by performing following steps;

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks Software And Backup Files

When the user faces a problem as he/she updated a company file through a different system, but doesn’t change the transaction log file, it would be suggested to update software for backup files for fixing the problem. You can follow the steps provided below:

  • The user must first update the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Scroll to the Help menu in the menu bar.
  • Visit the option Update the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Head to tab Options 
  • Hit the option Mark all
  • Click the option save.
  • Also, click the tab update now
  • Click the box reset update.
  • Click the option Get updates.
  • After you see the message update on your screen, close the QuickBooks program.
  • Later, reopen the QB program and then install updates, when any.

Tips: Reboot the system and also check whether the problem has been fixed or not.

Solution 5: Rename QuickBooks.ND and . TLG Files

Damage in QuickBooks.ND and . TLG files are prospective reasons to trigger errors such as 6123. After following the listed steps below,you can rename QuickBooks configuration files, which then forces QuickBooks to create new ones which are not corrupted, thus resolving Quickbooks error codes 6190 and 816.

  • Open The Windows File Manager then scroll to QuickBooks Installation Directory.
  • Generally, QuickBooks Desktop installation occurs in C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/Intuit/ QuickBooks/.
  • Locate files with the same name as the company file but with the extension.TLG and . ND.
  • Now right-click on the file and choose Rename.
  • Add . OLDFILE at the file name end.
  • Open the.OLDFILE at the filename end.
  • Open the QuickBooks and open the company file now.

Tips: In case you still face error code 6190 QuickBooks, you can follow the next step for troubleshooting.

Solution 6: Restart All Computers in Network Including Server

Sometimes, when the complex troubleshooting doesn’t work, a simple restart also does wonders. The following instructions are also helpful for restarting both the workstation and the server system which is helpful in resolving the QuickBooks error 6190 816 on the desktop version. 

  • Visit the server hosting company file and restart it.
  • Restart all the workstations linked to the network.
  • Open QuickBooks first on the server and also run the same on workstations. 
  • When you get QuickBooks error code 6190 and 816, move company files to local storage. 


Thus, all the aforementioned troubleshooting methods ensure that you follow them for troubleshooting QuickBooks error 6190 and 816. However, when the issue is still present, and the system displays QuickBooks error code 6190 and 816 while you open company file, the best thing you can do is to contact QuickBooks experts who specialize to assist you in resolving complex Queries and errors such as the Quickbooks error 1327 with the most efficient working methods. 

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