What Causes The QuickBooks Error 1712 and How To Fix It?

QuickBooks Error 1712

There can be a number of causes behind the improper working of software as it is always prone to various types of complex problems like Quickbooks error 1712. In accounting software like Quickbooks, you are more likely to get errors of different types. These error elements can be an outcome of other software that might be a malicious file like adware, virus, or spyware. They have a high likelihood of infecting accounting programs and disturbing their functions. The QuickBooks installer error 1712 states the message “One or more of the files required to restore your computer to its previous state could not be found. Restoration will not be possible.” The error-causing agent can be single or multiple missing components in Windows.

Some Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Error Code 1712

Just like the error, many reasons are there that result in Quickbooks error 1712. Some common causes are mentioned below:

  • You Install QuickBooks in damaged folder.
  • The damaged file data significantly impacts the software working and creates the Quickbooks update error 1712.
  • Also with a corrupt Windows Registry you can cause the QuickBooks error.
  • Installing software update versions on the system when you didn’t delete the earlier one results in breaks. Thus, error 1712 can arise.

Another possible reason for the error 1326 & 1712 when installing Quickbooks would be an accounts program through QuickBooks Tool Hub application. In addition, it is possible to make use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. When Quickbooks 1712 error is still unsolved, then update the Windows computer.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Install Error 1712

Among the fixes used to troubleshoot the error 1712 when repairing Quickbooks is thoroughly using the application QuickBooks Tool Hub. In addition, it is possible to use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. When Quickbooks error code 1712 is still unsolved, you can update the Windows computer.

Solution 1: Using The QuickBooks Tool Hub

You can undergo any problems while you install accounts software on the system. The issue is an outcome of error 1712 when repairing Quickbooks. Without the right installation method, working on it in a smooth manner is also challenging. QuickBooks tool hub program is designed to look out for any issues and automatically fix them when they occur in your accounting program. Thus, to quickly scan the problem, you have to use the Tool Hub application after installing it right away on the system through the official source.

It is easy to resolve the error 1712 in Quickbooks desktop in a few steps. For a thorough review of the installation error 1712, follow the methods and steps described below:

  • Close the QB accounts software.
  • Search the keyword “QuickBooks Tool Hub” on any search engine on the web and download the same from the source. Also check whether the official link is used.
  • The downloaded file also has to be saved in the “Downloads” section.
  • Now move to the file location of the downloaded “.exe” file.
  • Click on starting the installation process.
  • Installation wizard pops up on the window and offers you the appropriate directions. Visit them for finishing the installation.
  • After you finish the process, click on the “Finish” process.
  • Visit the “Desktop” Window.
  • For starting the troubleshooting process for QuickBooks error 1712, press the “Tool hub” icon to open it.
  • Click the “Program Problems” after completing the previous step.
  • For the current step, select the option “QuickFix My Program”.
  • The tool then begins scanning the accounting program and fixes it after you know the cause of the error.
  • Then reinstall QuickBooks software for getting rid of QuickBooks installation error 1712.

Tips: The fix starts processing onto the software. So, for checking it out, it is vital to launch the same and begin operating the program. When the issue still persists, it is best to verify whether you had correct installation of the application or not.

Solution 2: Update The Windows System

After you install outdated accounts and finance handling software on Windows system, you can still face operating problems. Ultimately, this also results in error 1326 & 1712 when installing Quickbooks. Therefore, after facing the problem, you can update the Windows computer. The update processing must be done through the Settings section. Users must make sure that zero interference is there while the update process is still continuing.

  • Scroll to the tab “Start”
  • Click on “Gear”Button.
  • On screen it takes you to “System Settings”.
  • Now press the feature “Update and Security”.
  • Click on the button “Windows Update”.
  • For this instruction, pick the option “Check For Updates”.
  • After completing update scanning, you know whether the system had an update or would need an update.
  • When availability of an update is also shown, you can tap on the option “Get Updates”.
  • Install updates after you finish downloading them.
  • Later re-visit the accounting software.

Important Tip: Another great method of ensuring bug fixes are updating the PC. It positively affects programs such as installed Intuit Quickbooks. Additionally, it is also possible to update the specific program. The main reason behind the Quickbooks update error 1712 is when the system is updated but the QuickBooks software isn’t. Thus, the best solution to minimise likeliness of the error would be getting the necessary updates.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools

The Intuit QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool manages and also resolves any problems about the software installation. Thus, considering that you’re facing Quickbooks Error 1712 error and can’t fix it, then you can use the tool. 

With the right use of QuickBooks Diagnostic tools you can also clear QuickBooks installation error 1712. You’ll also find the tool on the official intuit website. From there on it is possible to install the system.

  • Move on the official “Intuit” website.
  • You must search the “QBInstall Tool” here.
  • Then you can download “QBInstall Diagnostic Tool” on your system.
  • Install the program after you download it.

Tip: Ensure that you’ve shut all applications in the background. Then you can smoothly process the QuickBooks installer error 1712.

  • Right-click the option “QBInstall Diagnostic Tool”.
  • Next, opt for the “Open” button.
  • Search for the “I am having issues while installing the QuickBooks’ option.
  • Hit the “OK” tab in the step.
  • Then you would need to restart the system.

Also, navigate the accounts software and begin working when you successfully resolve the Quickbooks install error 1712. However, if you think that the problem still persists, then you might miss a step or also incorrectly follow something. Otherwise, you might see some interference while starting the PC.

Solution 4: Closing The Background Process Through the Task Manager

The task manager would be an application already installed on the Windows computer. It also allows you to know the background application details that are being run. Sometimes, you can also face Quickbooks Error 1712 in the software and fix it, you would have to close programs in the background. Using Task Manager, you would be able to eliminate 1712 error when you repair QuickBooks.

  • You must shut down all programs in the system background.
  • Then also click on the “Ctrl” key, “Shift” key, and “Esc” button at the same time.
  • It launches “Task Manager”.
  • Shift to the option “Processes”
  • Search for “QuickBooks Processes” over here in the background.
  • Press the button “End Task” to turn it off.
  • You would have to repeat the same with other QuickBooks processes.
  • After this, “Task Manager” needs to be closed.

Finally you would need a system restart then open the QuickBooks Accounting software. Provide the confirmation whether the fix for error 1712 when installing Quickbooks worked or not. Provided that you find any difficulty in error resolution, repeat the steps for fixing. It wouldn’t get disabled even when there are processes in the background.


The different types of Quickbooks errors such as the Quickbooks error 1712 creates ample problems for the user or the business enterprise. However, when you know about the root causes and the right ways to fix them in no time you’ll see the ways to get rid of them. This also helps in fixing the issue under the least possible time. We’re quite positive that the steps would be helpful for resolving the ongoing problems faced within QuickBooks. However, in case you still don’t get resolution even after personally trying all of the above stated information, your best bet would be getting professional assistance from Quickbooks professionals who are adept at resolving common issues such as error 1326 & 1712 when installing Quickbooks.

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