How to Fix Quicken Error Code ol-293-a ?

How to Fix Quicken Error Code ol-293-a

The error code ol-293-a means that the Quicken program is currently not getting the right financial information from the institution’s server while applying the single step update process. Do you currently face the Quicken error code ol-293-a issue? To get the most reliable fixes you can keep an eye out for the Quicken community updates. However, when you don’t see any alerts in community, you can consider updating the account on another business day. Still when the issue keeps showing up, you can review the provided information in this article. Thus, it’s best to stop worrying and follow the below mentioned steps to get quick fixes.

Overview Of The Problem

For transaction updates you need the Quicken requesting information from the bank and the bank responding right information. Such errors also indicate that Quicken didn’t get the expected bank response.

Some reasons for the error:

  • You are facing a temporary issue in server
  • Incorrect activation of online services
  • Outdated or incorrect login credentials

Note: You can sign in to the bank’s official site, but would still get the Quicken error code ol-293-a , because of the problem with the bank’s server that Quicken also uses for connecting.

First Method: Verify Quicken Account Services.

When you didn’t sign up for bill payment services offered by the financial institution, but you allowed the Quicken service, you get the Quicken error code ol-293-a. Ensure that the Quicken account settings have an exact match with the services offered currently by the financial institution

In this regard you can apply the following steps for error resolution:

  • Select the Tools menu and then go to the option Account List.
  • Then, click on the Account Edit button that you wish to verify.
  • You’ll see the dialog account details. Here you need to verify that the Quicken account settings comply with the services offered currently by the finance institution and apply the changes, as required to get the matching information.
  • When you’ve made changes, you can again connect to the financial institution (Select the tools menu > One Step Update).

When everything is right and even then you still face the problem, you can continue with the next process.

Second Method: Verify The Password

With password Vault convenience in Quicken you can forget change the password in Quicken when it was altered at financial institution.

The process for updating the Quicken password is as follows:

  • Select the tools menu > One Step Update.
  • Now you must uncheck all options excluding the financial institution reporting the error.
  • Click key icon on the right of the name of the financial institution.
  • Enter password
  • Click the option Update New.

Third Method: Refresh The Account Information Online

  • Refreshing online account info is also a reliable method to resolve the error code 0l-293-a. 
  • From the account register you can choose the gear icon actions at top of register (Ctrl + Shift + N)
  • Choose the option Update Now.
  • Now follow the instructions  on-screen for finishing update.
  • Repeat all steps for financial institutions that face the error.

Fourth Method: Make Sure That The Quicken Software Is Updated

The first thing to do is to cope-up Quicken error code ol-293-a for checking the Quicken and ensuring that it is updated.

You can perform the task through help of the steps provided:

  • Firstly, you can launch “Quicken” software on the PC.
  • Now visit “Help” menu and in the section select the option “Check for Updates”
  • When Quicken is updated in the operating system that would be great but if the same is outdated, you get the notification for installing the updated software release on next screen.
  • You have to click on the button “Yes” for installing the program.
  • The installation process can take some minutes so you have to wait for some time. Users also get an exit for installation of the recent update, so you won’t have to worry about the running work as you can also save the same.
  • After you update Quicken account when the issue persists, it is possible to use other methods for troubleshooting the problem.

What To Do When The Problem Persists

When the problem is not resolved after following the provided steps, you’ll have to contact the financial corporation for prompt resolution of the problem. Quicken doesn’t have financial instution’s server access for fixing the issue. For this purpose you can speak with Quicken online experts that handle and fix complex transaction associated problems such as the Quicken error cc-501. When the financial institution states they are not able to assist, you can raise an escalation of the problem with the fin

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