QuickBooks Error 1326: Know The Root Causes And The Ways To Fix It

QuickBooks Error 1326

Quickbooks have gained popularity lately due to their impressive range of features and conveniences for large enterprises. However, inconveniences such as QuickBooks Error 1326, can cause disruptions in business and users must be prepared beforehand for minimizing the halt phase. With the presentable features it holds, the accounts software can do a lot for the business. From carrying out accounting and bookkeeping to reporting and financing, everything is possible. 

However, we can’t ignore that the more complex the software the more error-prone it will be. Error 1326 & 1712 when installing Quickbooks commonly show up during the installation process and fortunately there are appropriate methods for resolving them at the earliest. The standard solution to fix such errors is implementing steps systematically for troubleshooting. Further, we discuss the common reasons for such errors and the reliable approach to tackling and fixing them. 

QuickBooks Error Code 1712 and 1326

Among the most stubborn and common QuickBooks error codes are error 1326 & 1712 when installing Quickbooks software. These errors occur when you’re attempting to install Quickbooks desktop. Besides that, the system is also prone to other complex errors. After appropriately figuring out the troubleshooting steps and methods, you’ll be easily able to fix such errors. When it is not possible to fix errors, the best approach to take is fixing the error support team, as the experts are adept at fixing the errors with the most tried and tested methods..

The Quickbooks error 1326 is seen with the code stating the message “Something is wrong with installation’ we’re sorry. Unfortunately, one or more files needed for restoring the computer to the previous state can’t be found.” As an outcome, it is not possible to restore such files. It is the type of error that would pop up, especially when you install QuickBooks desktop.

The error also occurs in corrupted folders or damaged OS. Quickbooks error 1326 also affects the system performance, and for that case, you would need an instant solution. For eliminating the error, it is vital to install a program after you figure out the root cause behind the problem.

QuickBooks Error Code 1326

QuickBooks is known for its long list of benefits, but when the error starts, it creates a lot of trouble while using the software. Error code 1326 is a common occurrence in Quickbooks. As the error can pop up, you also see a message stating: Quicken installation failed – Exit Code: 1326. Among the reasons for the error is:

Error 1326: Error that generates file security: C:\Program Data\Intuit\GetLastError: 5

Triggering Problems for Error Code 1712 in QuickBooks

The error often pops up at installation time or during the uninstallation of programs. It demands rebooting the system, and there are many factors that result in the Quickbooks installation error 1326 message.

Some main causes are stated below:

  • When the user has damaged data files occurring on the QuickBooks desktop.
  • When there are changes to software within the system.
  • When the user installs QuickBooks in damaged folder.
  • All malicious software for hindering the whole process.
  • Similar errors are there which you can see from registry files that are corrupted or damaged.

Fixing Quickbooks error 1326 From QuickBooks Tool Hub

You can manage issues when installing QuickBooks through the QB tool hub. The tool hub program is also intended to find the root cause of the software problem, and they suggest fixing the same. You have to understand that you must systematically install the tool hub.

  • Run Program
  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Download tool hub file to a place where you can access it.
  • You must follow the steps for installation and agree to the terms stated.
  • Now in the tool hub, select the tab program problems tab
  • Choose the option Quick fix program
  • Use to tool and install QuickBooks desktop

Other Error-Fixing Methods

After seeing the Quickbooks installation error 1326 message, the Microsoft error starts while you install software on the system. For resolving, the essential measure is installing digital cleaning products or fixing errors on the Quickbooks software itself.

While talking about the QuickBooks error 1712, as it occurs, it would happen in case of any operating system damage. Or another case is when there are unstable Microsoft components and they can function adequately. After you restart, it is possible to move further after you again install the software on the system.

The Method:

The first step would be to navigate to the below-mentioned page:


  • Select the options change and move on after you choose the product edition.
  • On the version column, select 2017
  • You would need to download the software, so press the button.


It is possible to get rid of the Quickbooks error 1326 and 1712 after following all the mentioned steps. Thus, through this method, you can use the software with ease of use as you’ll avail the best possible resolution outcomes. Moreover, Quickbooks proficient technicians are available for spot answers and special error fixing methods. You’ll get a resolution after cutting short the long wait.

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