How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code PS032?

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code PS032

Many accounting professionals and business people believe in working with QuickBooks software for managing their financial jobs. However, it is good in its functioning, which does not make it free from bugs or errors. In some situations, users encounter QuickBooks error code PS032 while downing with the payroll updates. This is typically an annoying technical disruption that bothers the users while working on their financial details and tasks. 

So considering the criticality of this error, we have developed a guide for you to understand more about and fix this error. 

What is QuickBooks Error Code PS032?

As the name indicates, the error code starting with PS means a payroll issue with QuickBooks. So when users try to download the payroll updates, they tend to receive this error on their screens. These errors impede the functionality of the complete QuickBooks software. Therefore, they need to be resolved immediately.

This QuickBooks error PS032 occurs when mistakenly entering the wrong data input or settings into the software related to the financial tasks. So, the software throws this message out:

“QuickBooks is having trouble while installing the updates of the payroll tax table.”

What Leads to the Occurrence of QuickBooks Error PS032?

To cure any error code, it is initially essential to understand the error and the possible reasons that are causing it. So some of the factors that led to the occurrence of this error are mentioned below:

  • When the billing information you are entering into the software is incorrect or out of date
  • When QuickBooks fail to read the data from the software itself
  • Due to damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company payroll files
  • If the user is an unregistered QuickBooks software user
  • If there are some invalid payroll folders in the software
  • If the QuickBooks payroll subscription plan is inactive or expired
  • If the user has not registered with the QuickBooks applications

Triggers to Recognize QuickBooks Error Code PS032

Some symptoms explain the existence of this error code, such as:

  • If you are facing trouble while downloading the QuickBooks payroll updates
  • While working on the tax tables, you face difficulties
  • The system starts performing slowly
  • QuickBooks is simultaneously opening various other programs itself
  • QuickBooks software if getting freezes while using

Factors to Consider Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code PS032

  • You have first to validate the QuickBooks payroll subscription
  • The QuickBooks software should be the latest updated version
  • Ensure that the billing information entered into the software is correct
  • Ensure that you have only this one QuickBooks software installed in your system
  • Lastly, always have a backup of your QuickBooks company files

Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS032

Now that we know about the complexity of this error code, we can quickly move toward the direction of resolving the same. We have provided some simple and analyzed resolutions for QuickBooks error code PS032 below:

Solution 1: Look for and install the QuickBooks payroll updates

  1. Firstly, log out from the existing QuickBooks account
  2. Close all the opened windows in your system, just to be sure QuickBooks is not left open by any chance
  3. Open “Windows task manager” to verify the details of the opened QuickBooks software
  4. Then, reopen the QuickBooks software and look for and download the payroll updates
  5. If the issue persists, follow the below
  1. open “file” and click on “Utilities.”
  2. Select “Repair QuickBooks”

Solution 2: Turn off the UAC (user access control)

 As we all know that an active and running UAC in the background can disrupt the payroll updates, so follow the below steps to turn it off:

  1. From the start, menu open the Control Panel settings
  2. Type “UAC” and hit “Enter”
  3. Click on “change user account settings.”
Turn off the UAC
  1. Hit “Yes” and turn off the user account control with the help of the slider given.
  2. Enter the administrative credentials to process this step
  3. Lastly, restart QuickBooks

Solution 3: For the users who have only one QuickBooks Desktop version installed

  1. Firstly take the backup of your QuickBooks company files.
  2. Close all the running applications and Hit the “Run” button

For users who have Windows XP and Windows 7:

  1. Log in as an administrator to the system
  2. Click “All programs” and then click “Accessories.”
  3. Hit “run”

For the users who have Windows 8:

  1. Firstly navigate to the “Windows system” of this installed version
  2. Click “Start” and then right-click “Background to all Apps” options
  3. Hit “run”

Solution 4: Install the latest QuickBooks and payroll tax table version

  1. Firstly remove or uninstall all the additional versions from the system
  2. Open the “Help” menu and then select “update QuickBooks.”
Install the latest QuickBooks and payroll tax table version
  1. Reset the QuickBooks updates now.
  2. Install the latest payroll tax table version
  3. Next, resort to the list of users with the verified billing data
  4. Now go ahead for cleaning up your system by performing one selective startup uninstall
  5. Lastly, update the tax table

Solution 5: if the billing information is entered incorrectly, so enter the correct one now

  1. First, click the “F2” button
  2. Note down your QuickBooks license number
  3. Hit OK and get yourself out of the “product information” window

Solution 6: Rename the CPS folder

  1. Press and hold the Windows+E key to open File Explorer.
  2. Select the “Options” tab and click on “View.”
  3. Click on “Advanced settings” to view the hidden files, folders, and drive and then hit OK.
  4. Go to the local disk C and open the “Program Files” folder.
  5. If you can’t find the program file, open the “Program Files (x86)” folder.
  6. Open the “Intuit” folder and then open the “QuickBooks” folder that resembles the version of your system (e.g., QuickBooks Desktop 2022).
  7. Open the “Components” folder and move the “CPS” folder to the “Payroll” folder.
  8. Right-click on the folder and select “Rename”
  9. Type “CPSOLD” and hit Enter.
  10. Create a new “CPS” folder.
  11. Open QuickBooks Desktop and download the latest payroll tax table update.

Final Thoughts

The article above discussed the steps to troubleshoot and effectively resolve the QuickBooks error code PS032. Even if you have little technical expertise, these are the simple methods that can be helpful for you to fix the error code. However, even after going through the above solutions, you can contact the 24/7 available customer care support of QuickBooks desktop version software if you keep encountering the error.

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