How to Sort Out QuickBooks Error Code 6150?

QuickBooks Error Code 6150

QuickBooks is one of the best or the finest, accounting software in the market. However, this best accounting software is also prone to some errors simultaneously. So while working on your company files in the QuickBooks desktop version, if you encounter errors like QuickBooks error code 6150, you must stop there and resolve the error first. This error code can easily crash your windows or your entire system. So go ahead and follow the below article to understand this error code in a better way and the steps for rectifying this error.

What is the QuickBooks Error Code 6150?

QuickBooks error code 6150 can also be known as QuickBooks error code 6150-1006. Users can see this prevalent b encountered error code when working on their company files. For example, users can see the below error flashing on their screen if they try to create, open, or use any company files. 

This error code prevents the user from opening the company file. The QuickBooks error code 6150 is one of those problematic technical errors that can block the user’s access to the company file. Therefore, it can destroy the company files themselves and hinder the smooth functioning of the whole software.

What are the Causes for the Occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 6150?

The users can experience this error code due to the following reasons:

  • The company files the users are trying to access may be damaged or corrupted
  • In case you are accessing the incorrect extension of the QuickBooks desktop version
  • The installation of the QuickBooks desktop version is done incorrectly
  • The operating system of your laptop or desktop is infected with any malware or viruses
  • If the company files extension is other than “.QBM.”
  • The registry files of your windows are damaged or corrupted
  • The installed QuickBooks desktop version is damaged or corrupted

Important Points to Remember Before Getting into the Resolution of QuickBooks Error Code 6150

  • Ensure that the error is not occurring due to incorrect file extension. Because, in this case, the files extension has to be replaced
  • The company files that you were accessing are only open on one system.
  • Ensure to save QuickBooks for Macintosh in the MAC systems only
  • Ensure that your system is updated for malware and virus scans

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6150

There are situations when people face errors but cannot identify the category of that error code. So below mentioned are some signs that can guide you toward the identification and then the resolution of the QuickBooks error code 6150:

  • If your system is crashing very frequently while working
  • When this error code 6150 flashes on your screen, it hits the whole Windows
  • The Windows is running sluggishly and even is not responding to the movements of the mouse and typing of the keyboard
  • The system freezes up every few minutes

Solutions to Getting rid of the QuickBooks Error Code 6150

Knowing about the signs or symptoms of the QuickBooks error code 6150 makes it easier to learn the various methods to rectify this error code. So now you can go ahead and try the following below-mentioned solutions:

Solution 1: Repair the company files with the help of the QuickBooks file doctor tool

This tool is considered the first choice in case of all the issues or errors related to company files. Because the QuickBooks file doctor tool helps automatically identify the root cause of the error occurring in the company file and resolve the same within a few minutes.

  1. Install the QuickBooks tool hub in your system to launch or access the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  2. After installation:
  • Open the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Click the “company file issues” tab.
  • Access the “QuickBooks file doctor tool.”
  1. Look into the company files name in the doctor tool and select the company files you were working on. 
  2. Check for the file damage and then hit “diagnose that file”
  3. Once the issue is diagnosed, and the file is repaired, try to reaccess the QuickBooks desktop version.

Solution 2: Restore the backup of the company file you were working on

It is always suggested to take a backup of the company files while working on the QuickBooks desktop version. So you can quickly and easily restore your data from that backup file with the help of the below steps:

  1. Open the QuickBooks desktop version and click the “file” icon
  2. From that dropdown, hit “open and restore company”
  3. Select “restore the backup file” and hit “Next”
  4. Select “Local Backup” and click “Next” again.
  5. Use the dropdown menu to navigate to the location where the backup file is stored.
  6. Select the backup file which you want to restore and then hit “Open”
  7. Choose the location where you want to restore the file from the “Save in” dropdown menu.
  8. Type a new name for the file in the “File name” field and make sure the “Save as type” field is set to “QuickBooks files (*.QBW).”
  9. Click “Save” and respond to any messages that appear before the restoration begins.
  10. Once the restoration is complete, review the data to ensure everything was restored correctly.

Solution 3: Create one new QuickBooks company file

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop on your computer.
  2. From the “No company open” window, click on the “Create a new company” button.
QuickBooks company file
  1. QuickBooks will then open the “QuickBooks Setup” window. Here, you must enter basic information about your business, such as your company name, industry, and business type. You must also select your currency and set up your fiscal year.
  2. Once you have entered all the required information, click the “Create Company” button at the bottom of the window.
  3. QuickBooks will then create a new company file based on your provided information. This may take a few moments to complete.
  4. After creating the new company file, you will be prompted to set up your customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and services. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up these elements of your business in QuickBooks.
  5. Once you have completed the setup process, you can use QuickBooks to manage your finances and run your business.

Solution 4: Check for crypto wall

There are situations where this QuickBooks error code 6150 occurs because of the infected software version. You need to follow the below steps if you want to get rid of this error as soon as possible:

  1. Run a virus scan on the system using trusted antivirus software. This will help identify and remove any viruses or malware causing the error.
  2. If the virus scan does not detect any issues, the user can try restoring the QuickBooks file from a recent backup. This can help fix any lost or corrupted data and resolve the error.
  3. If the issue persists after running a virus scan and restoring the file from a backup, the user can try opening the file on a different system to see if the error also occurs. If the file opens without any issues on another system, the problem may be with the original system, and the user can try reinstalling QuickBooks on their system.
  4. If none of the above solutions work, the user can contact QuickBooks customer support for further assistance. They can provide additional solutions or guide users through more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Solution 5: Update the QuickBooks desktop version to a new one

  1. Login into the software and click the “help” menu
  2. Click “update QuickBooks.”
  3. Select the updates to be installed in your system
  4. Now wait till the updates are finished; once done, exit from the software
  5. Restart your system and login into the software again


After going through the above-mentioned easy-to-perform solutions, even non-technical people can resolve this QuickBooks error code 6150 from their systems. However, the issue remains even after performing these steps; you need to contact the QuickBooks software’s 24/7 available customer care service. 

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